ethereal tree

ethereal tree in the forrest cathedral
shimmer winsome bird wing
crisp Autumn air bring slim stem
blue azure grass capture frost
the cost of losing you
lost in the shadows
rain like tears dripping droplets on branches
strip the evening mottled leaf
that fill the ground with grief
creature stir black fur buries to ashes
shadow of a darker moon cry to sea
waves crash bluer
i never meant to hurt the wonder
it was a wonderful summer
salt in the wound plunder put the mood asunder
fire brimstone thunder
upset depth deep dark sorrow
forgive an ancient debt
that may free us from regret tomorrow.

bare branches

design regard with resolve
ubiquitous solicitous narcissism
in the heart of rhythm
a mannerism
commit decision
darkness covers exhibition
suffer intangibles harsh conditions
rigid mind encounters religion
anti-up inhibition
please please yourself
sing songs to sooth
teach me all you know
research your soul
clip wings in a folder
we are one year older
my handsome winsome soldier
love you need you know you
thank you for your time of day
leaves settle down from skies of gray
flowers gone soon
worship the bloom
until the leaves fall to the ground in autumn
forsaking bare branches.

branches bending low

overwhelmed by spells
quell a realm bring rings as worn
by trees in the center
where the heart sleeps

waiting for an answer in fall
often watching the moon
I think of you

celebrations run the year
we try to hear the underlying
undying word of love as clear
as a fantasy forgives forever

cool and crisp windy ground
whip and chill the dirt to flirt
leafy crinkled crunch snap
branches bending low
half asleep we wait for snow.

against the frost

return yearning dawn
hold golden sun tightly
pearl white moon alight onyx skies
opal stars sigh
wish night brightly on
chill and ice reduce streams to freeze
upon the frozen bed fallen leaves
limbs cold dark unrooted twigs bent
frigid water reserve the pointy stem
observe the curved shroud
lifting her leaf torn head bowed
black branch against the frost
shuttering shattered shy sentiments
slowly soulfully follow a haloed snow blown spin
humbled by winters wound up wind
wait for Spring.

a tapping tale

this love of mine Spring cold
icy road cover shady green
flurries stream
buds bitten back bare-wince of winter
doe and deer dine on foliage frozen dinner
sidewalk street sleet come down
in sheets where murmurs meet
stranger souls unique
whisper in defeat
pound pavement panic ploy
faces in a mist exist in risk
window tell a tapping tale
branches lift their curly leaves like braided hair
wind shaken green queen crown
shift her vision to the ground
hide the squawking hawk brave the raucous raven
stalk the walk to hide the pride of talk
fly to field to find a hastened haven
on your own since you
first weighed in
no worry first day of Spring
Sun will rise and set again
a virtuoso on clarinet playing soft regret
his winter ego melt the wealth of debt
the weather will warm
let go of stormy mourn
unleash the senses kept
that struck a glut of tears to pardon
she is our Mother it is her Nature
to find her way
back to the garden.