a tapping tale

nature | poems

this love of mine Spring cold
icy road cover shady green
flurries stream
buds bitten back bare-wince of winter
doe and deer dine on foliage frozen dinner
sidewalk street sleet come down
in sheets where murmurs meet
stranger souls unique
whisper in defeat
pound pavement panic ploy
faces in a mist exist in risk
window tell a tapping tale
branches lift their curly leaves like braided hair
wind shaken green queen crown
shift her vision to the ground
hide the squawking hawk brave the raucous raven
stalk the walk to hide the pride of talk
fly to field to find a hastened haven
on your own since you
first weighed in
no worry first day of Spring
Sun will rise and set again
a virtuoso on clarinet playing soft regret
his winter ego melt the wealth of debt
the weather will warm
let go of stormy mourn
unleash the senses kept
that struck a glut of tears to pardon
she is our Mother it is her Nature
to find her way
back to the garden.

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