a winsome winter

poems | winter

a winsome winter dry pine lose their loose plumes
in tact the blue moon feels cold like an old stone
sticks and stems stir wanting wind
dirt blows dispersed air the ground barely spares
water laps around the paths spits a splash
receives a bath
geese and mallard fly above the stars to
reach the docks of warmer charms
the fowl chance a lead to break the breeze to flee the freeze
the earth warm as time extoles her rite revolving
a melting pot of culture shock her people are evolving
life is what we live with give and take if willing
kindness of the heart the laughter of the little children
comfort for the elderly to love them tenderly
be that as it may let there be the day
love forever brings
peace of mind in the natural order of things,
with hopes and dreams to sing.

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