take me with you
smile all the while with sunsets that beguile
know the joy you give in every hug
you amaze with peace and love
I know not what to do
to keep you safe from the elements
except to say transcend the pain
hope for better acceptances
I’ll try to remember your love
is so tender
my counselor my public defender
my sister for a cause
cat grasping at clause
straighten the closet clean out
the drawers
so many chores
to make life viable she is reliable
gets things done on the run
vitality an archival sun
many faceted analytical
professional camaraderie
a systematic consistent
expression of honesty
homogenized deductive proof
like a sap drips every minute
from the maple tree
don’t be taken advantage of
lunches are not free,
well maybe for you and me…
grabs a salad soothes her palette
lemon in Pelligrino
extends an olive branch to Jiro
by shopping at Dagastino.

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