cellophane moon

friendship | love

complacent cellophane moon
hung out to sigh till noon
to ruminate the painted sky
flirt with a world apart
toss light beams far
candid star
fixed amidst the clouds and brooding sun
Venus vexed veers east of west
however in a spell the realm is real
for fantasy over rainbows feel
adrift before Earth to find
when God embodied man in kind
without the fear that borrows time
lacked the labored act that racked the thought
and broke the back
still in quiet chance suggest the night
enhanced in beauty ageless youth
the duty of your inspired rage
sets you apart from a sensitive sage
and I your lonely voice to dwindle down
if only to be a happy clown were i not a fool
to poison pen and say amends
when breaking all the rules and then
wellness wanted but not enough
life can be sweet life may be rough
if you’re who I think you are
you’ve heard enough.

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