for you

for you
sage fume
cloudy mist tint blue
green stem stalk past
the pasture where we laughed
smiling sun upon purple plum
the blossom of her care
she sympathize the eyes of cries
regarding butterflies
delicate creatures perfect features
pond meadow rainbow 🌈 rose the row of colored crows in Autumn leaves that glow
then to leaf through books
that bind the mind back through time line for line
winter cometh the spruce and pine embark the heart ♥️ of rhyme.

heart of sea – for Deepthi

star above earth below stormy night heart of sea
beauty bound tremor found as she

embark green stem
leaves surrender september

barren tree lay bare
in the unseen twilight

the moon unassume
move an ocean wave
half full-cool looming
in time to bind

crystal clear ocean air
random mellow fair
harbor hail
boat of mast and sail
along frail coastal freedom

light the day perfect in a rose
enable those rare memories
in everything you choose
revel in the heart and mind

fresh flowers cut from the garden
a loved one deep as grace embrace
feel the love receive gently
call twilight never break

starlight comfort you
wind hug you tenderly
take away your fear
the sunset in the west
moon ascend.

burnt blue orange flame

burnt blue orange flame
great harmony troubled
chaos clatter bells
see among the mire
heart fall in winter
call contagious rage
seethe silent grief
violent heaving stir thoughts
of her leaving
feeling foolish
brood mood consume evening
slowly chaste raw moon
give peace
an incredible place believing
circumstance follow interlude
heart felt rebellion twist my confession
professional courtesy dire-
love her
throughout all eternity
the summer fill the day
burnt-out August lulled cool
autumn blew the leaves away

winter looks colder than a dare
raped the autumn trees leaves them bare
in meadow mellow angels throw and catch their halos
like frisbees in the air
breezes crispy crackle sparks
fiery discs dart back and forth
faceted quartz lite different parts
humble the tumbled ore
from deep within earths core
so are we as deep as a sea
no sight of shore
and you coming through
like you never have before
I respect your pain
I love you like the grain of salt in rain

moved to tears
the fleeting years come and go
you’re tireless wireless
exceptional professional

raincloud paint the sun upset-
I pray the angels dry the sky
gentle beauty in her eyes
she cries to be in love.

an opus

the dusty road
dusk a hush of rust and gold
the evergreens have no leaves
tho something up their sleeves
to pine away the time
tied up in knots
the needles taught and slim
to let the wind blow in
the earth lay at their root
as owls lay awake and hoot
crest fallen they regroup
to feel a chill so soon
before the sting of winter
when the sun will cool
sunlight on the rocks
cold as ice would freeze
the warmest heart
still in the chill of darkness
life is formidable at best
for the creatures in their nest
as a biting wind will break
the bough
and hinder in winter
takes a final bow
fallow soil
like furrows in the ground
another thing
to wait in the wings
a harmony of strings
an opus
for the closeness
of spring.

where nothing grieves

polite moon-lit summer eve
sense serene leaves rustling
tender animals of the forest
forage food mildly

abundance sing bird in grasses
chip monk squirrel feed their need
on juicy stem an endless weed

in solitude nature proves to ponder
as slow the raccoon go to find a drink
possum play where stalk is thick
lily pond to wade the wild grass
no light when night is black as ink

but for stars
before a tempestuous dawn
has your heart forsworn a swooning moon

in gentle circles swim the loon
rare birds fly in pairs to sea
wild duck ignite a drunken cry
all the love the beauty in your eye

end remorse with nature
wind through pine and evergreen
shake the laughter out of trees
fall the leaves
where nothing grieves.

against the frost

return yearning dawn
hold golden sun tightly
pearl white moon alight onyx skies
opal stars sigh
wish night brightly on
chill and ice reduce streams to freeze
upon the frozen bed fallen leaves
limbs cold dark unrooted twigs bent
frigid water reserve the pointy stem
observe the curved shroud
lifting her leaf torn head bowed
black branch against the frost
shuttering shattered shy sentiments
slowly soulfully follow a haloed snow blown spin
humbled by winters wound up wind
wait for Spring.


there is a beginning and an end
in expressing the essence more or
less the silence of your excellence
you shine forever in the glow
to hear the fearless clarity
a voice
to throw away disparity
to thwart distraught polarity
for a summer sanity
tossing cookies candidly
you say the sweetest things to me
singing songs you bring
that melts the bakers chocolate
whisk upon a bar
that has me in the batters bowl
chewing brownies from a jar
the moon is cool the light is white
marshmallow clouds float in the night
peppermint leaves fall in love
with apple tree embarked
a storm brew such a teas.