i guess

clamor to the glamor of the dawn
listen to the bluebirds song
continue on
may God bless
where nothing’s wrong

i guess
rest is best
to quell the fallen fell
as fellows tell
chime in the bell will ring
a melodic hypnotic spell
that only time will tell
that give and take
the dwelling of mistake
identity of late for greater sake

forsaken shaken sky
thunder in the wonder of an eye
plunder the summer of joy
fall careen with color seen
by all the fear we mutter more

winter shutter cloudy rowdy days
in waves rough and cold and gray
make room for holiday
nestled in content
i love you more than i have wept
and catch the dream i’ve kept.

the realm of the real

the realm of real
rite the night
fill the throng with song
fly by light the spirit soar
rainbow bright white lit dawn

I ask of you to stay with me
a little while pray with me
lantern by the sea
walk together candidly

vivid thought
sacred heart
friend in rain most bitter dark
antique post modern avant-gard

off to your diamond studded stars
bedecked bejeweled redeemed renewed
while I paint faintly moody moons
avenues in text express

Prometheus unbound-find him dancing around the grounds
in these infinite coastal towns
the bay is sound
fog horn rip torn sleep
replete the hours peace
in quiet
sweet silent
drift down the river like Ophelia
hope harbor keeling not rob her of her feeling
peek into day dawn shy wink sky pink sparkle sunrise
link the universe mere verse cannot endeavor to recapture
such brilliant rapture
the slow glow in tone of a flower blossom open in a moment

arise full stature yellow golden flame
behold the Sun magnificence the center to the Mane

all creation spin in resolution
syncopated time unfold in unison.

a cause in care

a cause in care
the means to mention all it means
break for sake of convention
turn the word to elevate
a sacred song yet holy hymn
for melody the tears
sky an integral given
in the dusk of willing
sheer cloud fizzle in rain
capture a heart again
to know someone so long
to know I do not
blame her anymore
the sweetness lilt
in a voice that promises me no guilt
to ebb the raging of the sea
come over me
like sunlight after a storm
as gratefully
as you have set me free
so I
will turn the other I
and let you be
as wary as that sounds
to see that smiling face
would herald all the promise
to mend a heart with grace
and all the while knowing
with love put into place
a trusted bond unbroken
will not be worn to waste.