conceptual triumph

complexion soft vibrant
graceful conceptual triumph
certain truths melodious kindness
moon struck aplomb

fruitful endeavor quickness tempered
enemy blind curbed sight a scenic salutation

time lost enlightened lady has undone a fate
strengthens faith in work we undertake

for all the world will not ration
the rattled ramble enwrapped let go embarrassment
I’m fine because you tell me so

of a mind that forces bend and throw
in a moment the years come and go
and I am here in ocean swill
to curse the undertow

peace cease spoils in ruin rant tumultuous industry
illusterous benifiscent symmetry
ever changing beauty illusive
condusive imperminent

child sweet soft tender
stellar romantic as a star
redeem the sender the old wise words
that has me throwing barbs

whose life deepens with cries
the destiny arrives fleeting meeting of minds
that curse the turf when objectified

adore you i implore you
so much more meaning
when past the point of ill
sanctioned by the witness of the will

the evening’s cherished precious chill
enhance time and place a cozy chaise
would never wake
the great escape fought for in my prayers

blue skies through tree limbs aspire to be armed
never was a wilderness so warm
trouble isolated in the open air

hard for me to open up but please pull up a chair
we would dine and drink the wine
if only you were there

my defeat my concete does not negate you care
i maybe meek a doctor to seek
I feel too humble to repair

but now will change along the road
of rocks and stones
in the many miles yet to roam again with you my friend
to grant so human
tireless waves rave underwater caves flooding

mellow in mental melt downs to ones own conclusion
best request yet to move on I find so moving

shaker like a priestess
wearing ceremonial robes preaching to the choir

putting on your bejeweled dress of fire
believing in me I am not a liar
what transpire

puts the heart back restores the mind in it’s case history
i languish in the richness of my estate

found to understand to suffer illegitimate mistaken identity
freeing me to be as well as I am
underneath it all-a memory

thank you for holding my hand
a heart break mending
you’re healing felt deeply to the core.


the hope of borrowed moments
may fill a heart with torments
the little deaths that wreck
your breath for clarity intolerant
whisper sweet solace
tell me you are honest
in melodious abandon
the most wonderful wisdom
as clear as the planes on a prism
hear bells ringing the singing of
little faeries winging
see a seabird in flight to bring
a peaceful night
write a song of longing
for beautiful bright morning
at the threshold of the dawn
i pray you will stay and not be gone
as a mother gives birth
so must a child let go.