my mother 5-21-18

my mother like no other suffers her suffrage
in rage the storm ignite her form
a peddle pusher drawn
warm as a stem
where flowers grow as firm a fern may bend
her art is everything kind
the beauty is in her beautiful mind
that translate to the page
it feels so good when we’re on the same page

the night is blessed she sleep to rest
her bones
in spritely dress she does her best
a nap she cover with a throw
to paint what ain’t now known
the rain may ache her toe
so many paintings she really should show

standing still she take her pill
she love those pickles garlic dill
roasted peppers anchovies she eat her fill

Raymond makes her laugh
takes a shower every morning
just like june she’s snoring
steps on the scale afraid she’s getting fat
to find a book that isn’t boring
the buildings maybe black
color them shiny or mat

there for everyone she loves
she loves everyone
accessible sensible benefactor
takes a moment to ask a question?
who am i now that Harold is gone?
68 years listening to him sing off key
he was her best friend

mom i can’t live without you
you are my sunshine and my rain
you are joy and Palmolive
you are ivory liquid-
the tide rushes into cleanliness
you take away my emptiness
mostly by stuffing me with yummy food.


innocence may a sin
spring carol in the wind
blessed the heart may sing
give us this yearling linger
hearts and flowers bring
yearning nor the nought
Angel wing
upon the Heath reason wreck
the churlish golden ring
support the beam
of moon and dream
tiring refrain
to end the war before the thaw
come winter once again.

bare branches

design regard with resolve
ubiquitous solicitous narcissism
in the heart of rhythm
a mannerism
commit decision
darkness covers exhibition
suffer intangibles harsh conditions
rigid mind encounters religion
anti-up inhibition
please please yourself
sing songs to sooth
teach me all you know
research your soul
clip wings in a folder
we are one year older
my handsome winsome soldier
love you need you know you
thank you for your time of day
leaves settle down from skies of gray
flowers gone soon
worship the bloom
until the leaves fall to the ground in autumn
forsaking bare branches.

a perfect flower

what is a perfect flower?
long stemmed teardrop leaves
babies breath as round as bees
the beautiful American Beauty queen
lazy Susan black as an African mask
the mum and the poppy married happily at last
iris as irresistible mistletoe kiss under sunny blaze
days ease bring daisies dazed
roses supposes through osmosis grow closest
clover cover cuddles flower bed
oak trees soar weeping willows implore earthly floor
all my heart rise the garden wall
to see you soon in summer
your ever loving eyes bright light glow
unguarded in the garden
from head to toe I love you so.