ode to my mom

you gave me life
blossom in winter
getting thinner
lovely cuddly
continual dawn of day
in the sunset
of her youth
she speak her truth
immaculate spoof
the ever changing wind
rain to wet the chute
to the root
the winter welcome
her brilliance
astute her pursuit is neat
warm hands warm feet
an olive branch extend
the dove so much my friend
attentive mild mend
any hurt i wallow
she fill my heart
like a walk in the park
shades of gray tint
light to dark
she means so much
everything to me
no need to search
for my significant other
tho lonely like a stone
i have
my beautiful
significant mother
she welcome
without exception
me back home
so much self expression
she is
the quintessential conceptual
in reflection
mirror the images in her mind
paint the rain as wine
to master and to find
design that bind
a rite
that write the rhyme
grace the space
perceive the weave
between the lines.

sea kelp crawl

faint color stone
driftwood barnacle old fish bone
rural exposure elegant rose
months after June bloom
blue-moon deepest hue
streak sunset scrim
empty, age rage fit
soft words echo whisper
seminary vespers
wind unmask leaves
whistle scurry through eaves
sun break through great cracked trees

twist lime gin & tonic
fly to find a sky of rain exotic
your cobalt eyes illumine the bezeled mirror
look at me I miss you so in winter

craggy white paint
along the creviced coastline
wolf hound howl at the moon shadow
shade gray dune
in the foamy lonely afternoon

brave ovation bare breeze
whip the wicker wind-chime
summer soak thunder cold
tide brawl over sea kelp crawl
rip up roots
nature spill danger
into tiny bubbles
clam suck shallow puddle
stream damp sand

seagull dance wave
surge beauty brave
balmy bay
daylight dim
lantern lit
golden tint.