my olympus

Portraits of the Gods and Goddesses

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odes to The Gods and Goddesses


graceful green stem
heavenly wind whisper repose
a coat of shining stars
precipitate Her halo cap
arouse circles of the abundant bliss
to gather stones the grave enlist
kiss Her sequenced hem dawn to dusky pink carry long
longing for Her love adored
promise A kiss be born to every pretty
mist beside the Spring of song.


fire lute and lyre curses cry for no one from the sand of nomad canyons caves carnal sins break of day hoist the sail break away prisoners all in the prism of the fall
capture them all the lamb is silent
the lion roar.


Her beautiful mind exquisite kind in shadow shade everglades glide in moonbeam tides hear your name-think the spoils of war ain’t no use at all, the catcher waves a wand the crystal of a swan-the magic will unfold when men grow not so old to see the sea as cold and free as gold.


unearth cloud cover hover between the world and night the dark of bed has hit your head the dread is out of sight but oh the miracle He may the night will sun the day and i will hunt to be as blunt as fish swim in the bay.


yellow golden age upon the plain bathe enrich the grain fierce the piercing seagull cry the sun is in his eye great God
warmth regard the handsome and the bard.


Son of Zeus protective loving knight blue green waters stir rush crash in His veins touched by Pisces reflect moon lit seas oceans fathom turbulence deluge Father of fish crab clam man the oar from Maine to the mainland of Japan.

i adore the Earth

i adore the Earth my home
a place to call my own
the river bend and moan
the ocean white with foam

i hear a bird at dawn
she sing a lovely song
i see the sea is blue
the horizon and Heavens too

i see a sea of sky
that fill her gray blue eyes
in hope there is a prayer
for God to always be there

will you see me someday
where we may work and play
i pray for you to be okay
my heart is full and gay

i long to see you smile
across the cloudy miles
i fear it’s but a dream
to have a world for my girl and me

don’t worry baby blue
for i remember you
my messenger my guide
my starry night your moon won’t cry.


for all the world i touch

in the course of mighty rivers challenging channels caught cold quivers quizzical shivers crimson creatures absorb light tints of night right in the middle of second sight
appeal the real spin the whim reduce the speed sleep well my steed run run the tears the task turn dark as night time come
and i alone catch colder still upon the breath of heart that kill the ever lost that never will-the milk is spilt i cry
and never was the stubborn day that end the year and this dear bay that swim the rim and beg to play a song sung low remorse must tow a wreckage of a ship at sea the hull of heaven miss her plea to be as free as she can be the torrent wind whisper
a fascination pursue a nation a revelation doubt creation and i a worldly novice ask for solace in the tropic of my silence end the vile creature stress the promise of a wretch the wicked with the license wither you go you know the flow of words will do to honor you but in the dark the cavern flood the deep sea caves are filled with mud arouse the time to rise and shine to fall the wick burn thick till done the shadow knows from whence it come and answer this my sweet resist to you and yours a best exist till day is here i tell you dear i am the one who fear the dawn if ever one felt as forlorn.

sand water sky

sand water sky

moon ebb flow
tide caress
sway shy shore
remorseful gray day

coyote prey morsel
snake venomous torment
blacks blues red fish
swim green sea

dawn break into song wind unwind warm
winter blast long last
sky overwhelm sea with tears
black spider fear red lizard
cat lick blizzard
exclaim mix rain
capture coast in paint
buoyant boats bob like ghosts clairvoyant
burnt sand burnish clam
knotty pine rhyme
branch bent to bear sea brine

bird bay sea foam sand
red flag red nun black can

stars sky starling fly
cloud encore thunder clap
snow fall winter brawl sun withdraw
schooner sooner sail flap
undertow flow lap.

wind blow

wind blow ice cold out to sea
grasses gold wavering wheat
fishes fowl run the hour
in their harmony
trust just love must let the Angels be

in time thou thine a part of me
inside cries for the heart of thee
time will tell you what befell you
when first I saw your pretty face

God gift amazing grace
He can take it all away
may you stay don’t turn away forlorn
without delay return the day reborn

to meet the most Holy Ghost in early morn
toast the host with all your Heaven brethren
that spill the tears to heal a hurried welcome
tend a field of wild flower
marigold beguile

hammer gold moulding old and tired
paintings for a public view invite you
images from dark to light pose a prayer in evening night
of pools to dive into

the water cool as wind wend westerly
alone again to get the best of me
a self made prophecy manifest destiny
where are you my mistress of ceremony?
candid in your ministry medicinal
seeing God on Sundays
a little bit closer
may I count on you?

my decisions easier
having bouts reason blur
out with a curse
that empties the purse
that questions my very bliss

time measures everything
quick to overwhelm
the realm of age
turn a page
rustle of parchment scent of cologne
the comfort of being alone

love that is giving
inspire to yearn
evergreen pining
your humble sage with Taurus rising.

the realm of the real

the realm of real
rite the night
fill the throng with song
fly by light the spirit soar
rainbow bright white lit dawn

I ask of you to stay with me
a little while pray with me
lantern by the sea
walk together candidly

vivid thought
sacred heart
friend in rain most bitter dark
antique post modern avant-gard

off to your diamond studded stars
bedecked bejeweled redeemed renewed
while I paint faintly moody moons
avenues in text express

Prometheus unbound-find him dancing around the grounds
in these infinite coastal towns
the bay is sound
fog horn rip torn sleep
replete the hours peace
in quiet
sweet silent
drift down the river like Ophelia
hope harbor keeling not rob her of her feeling
peek into day dawn shy wink sky pink sparkle sunrise
link the universe mere verse cannot endeavor to recapture
such brilliant rapture
the slow glow in tone of a flower blossom open in a moment

arise full stature yellow golden flame
behold the Sun magnificence the center to the Mane

all creation spin in resolution
syncopated time unfold in unison.


deep tears escape down cheek
parchment wither crack
time wrinkle face
abhorrent act

raise gracious rage diligent glass
endure stimulant
regardless of age
your silver glow encrypted

turn a moon conflicted
dark night surround by daylight
puffy cloud wisps conspire
sail into wind for hours

turbulent seas make men tremble
seek women in their dreams
row galleon sail on
air current fly eagle off the distant coast
boast choppy seas
frantic panic in the Atlantic
lost to
praise the sun
waves warm feel thaw
golden rays upon the day
begin to melt the seagulls play
étoilé the star of guidance shine
tell me I am yours that you are mine
in all the mention of the time
whisper words soothing kind

swim with the fishes is there time?
ask for kelp all for brine
an ocean of love may mend the ship
that flow from the heart to save the trip
though rushing water swell and dip
welcome moon it’s half past noon
we’ll view the view and get there soon
before the juniper bloom in June.

Atlantic Night

black Atlantic night
hidden rhythm forgiven
beach wind trim sail
waters whip foam white
storm the sand of fantasy
rain exceed the ecstasy
in the middle of a memory
infuse temper temporary
console soul contemporary
into the elements
love has no boundary love has no effigy

drawn are the lines in your kind face
that grapple grit
that perfect pitch rock back and forth forthwith
wish the myth of bliss your wealth in health
will hurt no hint no risk of self to save a sage
who sink into a mortal rave
wave cool waters colored blue
roar sea water swirl spray cascade floor off shore
endure tumultuous remorse
the coast host hammer on rock
surge a dirge cling to pillion on the dock
writhe boats tied up taut
siren wind send shiver blow sting
surface bird fly icy wing
thought to pull fish from their school
claw catch to grab the fin
cold Spring harbor
labor of love starboard
gull at the hull
eat well into tomorrow.


concrete thoughts egregious
body of water in agreement
cascade sparkling sun drench
spit splashes lashing out
wave them in
beaches bearing creatures in the foam

dilapidated beach house groan
windy wooden slatted home
weathered white paint chip crack craze
extend from the surface raised
like seagull wings
stretched away walls dingy gray
eroded brass hardware greenish black
abandoned to the sea salt air never coming back

muse the muse of love the rite of Spring
Venus in the world would bring
love to everyone and every living thing
with heart to light ones darkest night to sing

bells will chime like heartbeats to the rhyme
acts of kindness let sorrow be
in a world that seems the test of time
love is ever soft serene
appreciate the stars the sea
the earth renew our destiny.

gravitate a humble life

gravitate a humble life
light the moonbeams in the night
swear the angels get it right
rascals seem so erudite

counter boundless energy
Shake needles off pine
drink until deplete of wine
the grace of grapes la fete upon the vine

you in your state of mind
cannot relate to mine
inherent to be kind so much to bear
impose the time to find me there

gentle gracious angels in the city
summers take a tunnel to the sea
everywhere is farmland green and pretty
fruit stands line the streets a local litany

back home quiet transcends the traffic
that forced it’s way into my psyche
homespun into the fabric
a lonely stone bridge the road
to paths well known

incredible wisdoms derived from laughter
see them then as the hereafter
looking grave a mortal slave begs The Lord
to save my loved ones as myself from harm

a life well spent takes so much good to vent
around the world my heart is holding on
to sing about the days ahead
to mourn the loved ones that are gone

there’s purpose in service to a dream
build fulfill not fall in between
cheer the deer as no one ever may
reach for a star come up with another day

life is at it’s best when filled with rest
the rest will somehow happen so it seems
direct your attention to the heart of dreams
a night of stars humble the request
receive a village hidden in the trees.