wind blow

nature | philosophy | poems

wind blow ice cold out to sea
grasses gold wavering wheat
fishes fowl run the hour
in their harmony
trust just love must let the Angels be

in time thou thine a part of me
inside cries for the heart of thee
time will tell you what befell you
when first I saw your pretty face

God gift amazing grace
He can take it all away
may you stay don’t turn away forlorn
without delay return the day reborn

to meet the most Holy Ghost in early morn
toast the host with all your Heaven brethren
that spill the tears to heal a hurried welcome
tend a field of wild flower
marigold beguile

hammer gold moulding old and tired
paintings for a public view invite you
images from dark to light pose a prayer in evening night
of pools to dive into

the water cool as wind wend westerly
alone again to get the best of me
a self made prophecy manifest destiny
where are you my mistress of ceremony?
candid in your ministry medicinal
seeing God on Sundays
a little bit closer
may I count on you?

my decisions easier
having bouts reason blur
out with a curse
that empties the purse
that questions my very bliss

time measures everything
quick to overwhelm
the realm of age
turn a page
rustle of parchment scent of cologne
the comfort of being alone

love that is giving
inspire to yearn
evergreen pining
your humble sage with Taurus rising.

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