philosophy | poems

brews mood
ruining winds feud
Mother Earth barely out of grief
without a page to leaf
more than most minimal
doubts herself cynical
moments bless the miracle
from the ethereal pinnacle
something queer
about snowstorms austere
white packed snow
pushes it’s weight around
trees fall down
on buried ground
finding fuel futile
brute blizzard barrels brazen
pale moon mute
sky of white wears overcoat of night
to keep the frost bite trite
winds batter the bay
the world still for a day
sun cannot find
a warmth he has lost
though wins his will to shine
the moon feeling fine
tells the sun do not die
you’ll always be a friend of mine
snow angels appear
in oceans icy foam
they bless every being
in the evening and they say
honor your loved ones
they are the shore
that you’ve been looking for
all your life
forever more.

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