my olympus

Portraits of the Gods and Goddesses

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odes to The Gods and Goddesses


graceful green stem
heavenly wind whisper repose
a coat of shining stars
precipitate Her halo cap
arouse circles of the abundant bliss
to gather stones the grave enlist
kiss Her sequenced hem dawn to dusky pink carry long
longing for Her love adored
promise A kiss be born to every pretty
mist beside the Spring of song.


fire lute and lyre curses cry for no one from the sand of nomad canyons caves carnal sins break of day hoist the sail break away prisoners all in the prism of the fall
capture them all the lamb is silent
the lion roar.


Her beautiful mind exquisite kind in shadow shade everglades glide in moonbeam tides hear your name-think the spoils of war ain’t no use at all, the catcher waves a wand the crystal of a swan-the magic will unfold when men grow not so old to see the sea as cold and free as gold.


unearth cloud cover hover between the world and night the dark of bed has hit your head the dread is out of sight but oh the miracle He may the night will sun the day and i will hunt to be as blunt as fish swim in the bay.


yellow golden age upon the plain bathe enrich the grain fierce the piercing seagull cry the sun is in his eye great God
warmth regard the handsome and the bard.


Son of Zeus protective loving knight blue green waters stir rush crash in His veins touched by Pisces reflect moon lit seas oceans fathom turbulence deluge Father of fish crab clam man the oar from Maine to the mainland of Japan.

sea kelp crawl

faint color stone
driftwood barnacle old fish bone
rural exposure elegant rose
months after June bloom
blue-moon deepest hue
streak sunset scrim
empty, age rage fit
soft words echo whisper
seminary vespers
wind unmask leaves
whistle scurry through eaves
sun break through great cracked trees

twist lime gin & tonic
fly to find a sky of rain exotic
your cobalt eyes illumine the bezeled mirror
look at me I miss you so in winter

craggy white paint
along the creviced coastline
wolf hound howl at the moon shadow
shade gray dune
in the foamy lonely afternoon

brave ovation bare breeze
whip the wicker wind-chime
summer soak thunder cold
tide brawl over sea kelp crawl
rip up roots
nature spill danger
into tiny bubbles
clam suck shallow puddle
stream damp sand

seagull dance wave
surge beauty brave
balmy bay
daylight dim
lantern lit
golden tint.

dreamy eyes

unwritten thought feel
taken to adapt
never lose the choice to choose
vocal in periwinkle blues

chasing a miracle
invisible invincible prophet
science for a rocket
picture in a locket
semi precious stones inside a pocket

alone with the angels
guarding overhead
something that they do
while we sleep soundly in our beds
to every kind gesture said
persevere the lives
a fight within to give it up
which could erupt

how lucky it’s been
the woman whistle
through the wood
sun reflect her innocence
dream the theme of summer
the gloved hand of a farmer

water earth sky the season
affirm the reason
sunrise dreamy eyes
love the dark
the light of day will stream

stars light the sky
perfection is a feeling
true is a life lived aloof
the camera breathes with every proof

candles bright the sense of night
in the light of a cool Spring moon
to say i love you miss you
with tears the size of elephant ears

how good of you
she with sensitive eyes
strive to try
you will heal

when we see each other again
count her fingers and her toes
kiss you hug you hello
dance with you under the moon
on a lake
farmer in good faith
every breath taken
never forsaken
the very depth upsetting
the function of creation
since we first met
react a tactful fact
you are my Mac
I am your jak.