ode to my mom

you gave me life
blossom in winter
getting thinner
lovely cuddly
continual dawn of day
in the sunset
of her youth
she speak her truth
immaculate spoof
the ever changing wind
rain to wet the chute
to the root
the winter welcome
her brilliance
astute her pursuit is neat
warm hands warm feet
an olive branch extend
the dove so much my friend
attentive mild mend
any hurt i wallow
she fill my heart
like a walk in the park
shades of gray tint
light to dark
she means so much
everything to me
no need to search
for my significant other
tho lonely like a stone
i have
my beautiful
significant mother
she welcome
without exception
me back home
so much self expression
she is
the quintessential conceptual
in reflection
mirror the images in her mind
paint the rain as wine
to master and to find
design that bind
a rite
that write the rhyme
grace the space
perceive the weave
between the lines.

quiet allude rude

quiet allude rude.

quiet allude rude blue moon
bold cold loom cool
chutes bruise by sting of wind trespass bird wing
unrest stress chill scream shrill against the pane
bane existence bare frozen rain
felt the pain careless stain the day
fall rise blades of ice chastise the night implied warm winter lied

in wait the field storm
warn of nature bitter breezes raw
fight unfaithful bliss tremble torn
winter throw a punch star shine dim
forest cringe pine rigid bark frigid limb

slip shock snow hard bombard seaward suffer seagulls
tomorrow they’ll be skating on the pond in village fond
bundle up stumble tundra witness from your window

wishes well inclement weather
woodland creatures scatter look for hollows
find tree cuddle their babies as humans do
the homeless go unnoticed-
colder than a dare no one care

warm in our beds work
we seek out lovers
attraction distraction reaction
to the magic of the moment work play rest blessed
God’s message help others
but first we help ourselves.

happy new year

the end of 2016
ancient hours dated
the moon and stars placated
the year all but faded
good luck
through winter wood
avenues toy with
store front joy
lights on every tree
self imposed I compose a cozy prose
putting up the heat I am too cold
wake me from my sleeping soul
walk across a dream
with hugs & kisses
a happy healthy 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!
all the love,


innocence may a sin
spring carol in the wind
blessed the heart may sing
give us this yearling linger
hearts and flowers bring
yearning nor the nought
Angel wing
upon the Heath reason wreck
the churlish golden ring
support the beam
of moon and dream
tiring refrain
to end the war before the thaw
come winter once again.

in cool morning

in cool morning
heaven spills rainwater
from their loving cups
dousing flames disrupt
shoring up from shore the more
the roar erupt

the sun weighing tons
like a ship having sunk
cannot find his place in the sky
evil eye penetrate the rhyme of God
as though there isn’t time
to do with what is want

a symphony of sighs
clarify strides
with wisdom wise
attach the tale to butterflies
have so much charisma
in cherished leaves loden green
turn dry to die in winter

receive the gifts many miss
better bliss a bounty at your table
a welcomed hug
the sun-kissed wish
that fits in with the fable

if a grumble when you stumble
a grimace wanting has you humble
seems most sacrificial
to be practical
the experience thoughtlessly startling

harbor an hour scent of a flower
rose the blossom of brilliance
chose to make a difference
in your powerful existence

however long the distant bloom
through rainy night or chilly noon
thinking of you
palest moon
so soon mid-summer.


deep blue eyed dreamer
under majestic
metallic moon azure sky
on the road miles wide
rains where horses graze
grass can’t grow in snow
hay mainstay
dogs won’t stray
shepherd herd the herd
with words heard
they obey

sun peer from sky forever shy
dawn belong to the morn
lapse in time writ the rhyme
clear crystal sheen
that only May surmise the green
chartreuse destitute shoot
covered over root
snow alone nature mute
frozen ground mood allude
hibernate winter brood
relate the thing hope of Spring
when bird take wing
sing song soon.

when night is never commonly

when night is never commonly
trees swoon southernly
canst rekindle comfortably
desire in monotony

fill will transparent
fall into Atlantic
fasten the romantic
eyes meet moon melodic

dire feeling ill-equip
to martyr your sweet cause
the one of welts and whip
raw unrelenting grief guilty grit

imagine you and I somewhere on a ship
on holiday to take a trip
with rainbows on our lips
from ports of call to feed our souls

white winter angry
world bold as bitter brandy
ocean roll cold sandy
wind is gaunt and gangly
moon marooned at noon
until stars share his sky.

tin stars distract

tin stars distract
lite the dirt the beam compact

lovers woo
envelop lovers woe
thoughts you knew you may not know

swim sea undertow
deepest waters crash
soaring seagull cry

loneliness will tell you why
you haven’t got a friend nearby
to care until the end of time
a virtual ascend

happy fellow warm mellow
moon low world cold
in that old familiar way

salmon spawn against tide
blue fish run away
fishing fleet fish for meat
sell it by the bay

Fall skip into Winter
fell on Ice/slip no grip
darkness whisper whimper

so cherished is your sleep
you haven’t heard a word I speak
nocturnal wish surreal
murmur in realm of dreams.

ships driftwood slats

ships driftwood slats timber to joyce
voice of the sea lap salty white capped milk
a seaman heart a captain’s never ending stein
aboard the wide planked boards of pine
in the mist adrift in brine

chanty town oars curl skimmer
chunks of ice sacrifice winter
on shore bury fish bones

in summer succulents grow aloe vera fertile soil-
of late dissipate
the royal sun is not as great
the heart has been undone
a chill has come

blown breezes reaches beaches clamor
spirits in overcast sky awed by the glamour
slinky stars flirt with mellow fellow moon
when the good sun goes to sweet sleep
with peace and love a hug from above
where the world is a pearl of shimmer and light.

tundra firm undaunted

tundra firm undaunted
sacred soil anointed
harmonious roses nap
in lap of twig and dirt entrapped

slapping wind-rough winter
bitter cold mutter brittle bones
the timber of your voice cracks splinters
ageless foliage struck in wonder wither

freeze the breeze frozen weed
steamy frost sent centigrade
lanterns line the lane glow Ice on window panes
perfect tears of Heaven came

water down the plain insistent rain
a random kiss a borrowed bliss we will remain

a wanted wish to get the gist in longing years
resist a grit of earthly ground
I wish you safe and sound

censor relevant fantasy
temper in December upset sanity
defy the cry of innocence
in the imbalance of your chemistry
set fire brilliant destiny

ignite night lethargy
glimpse the moon in memory
speak to me tenderly.