in cool morning


in cool morning
heaven spills rainwater
from their loving cups
dousing flames disrupt
shoring up from shore the more
the roar erupt

the sun weighing tons
like a ship having sunk
cannot find his place in the sky
evil eye penetrate the rhyme of God
as though there isn’t time
to do with what is want

a symphony of sighs
clarify strides
with wisdom wise
attach the tale to butterflies
have so much charisma
in cherished leaves loden green
turn dry to die in winter

receive the gifts many miss
better bliss a bounty at your table
a welcomed hug
the sun-kissed wish
that fits in with the fable

if a grumble when you stumble
a grimace wanting has you humble
seems most sacrificial
to be practical
the experience thoughtlessly startling

harbor an hour scent of a flower
rose the blossom of brilliance
chose to make a difference
in your powerful existence

however long the distant bloom
through rainy night or chilly noon
thinking of you
palest moon
so soon mid-summer.

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