star etch scratch
Bombay stretch path
rain stained street black
market place hurry haste fallen to your present state

breathe hookah hashish in rough honed alley
emerald mine dust grime the sound of bells abound
citadel pray palms sway canyon quake awakened by the dawn

fires roar animals roam towns poor no repair
rubies in dark cold archives of museum
shoeless children grow old with winter a fragile fanaticism
feed a family-dog and cat the delicacy-
western thought fight reference

night drenched fear relentless monsoon
morbid gloom so many doomed with people to spare-
minimal miracles bargain cynical sovereign
you suffer the mother of silence regarding violence

too pale a positive position know from reading volumes voluminous bibles in the throes of trial by era time capsule
centuries call in the monolithic overpass well rounded minds invaluable

rock ledge hold
cavern paved with gold-star studded sapphires in the chamber
echo mellow fault-line crack giant formation beg for
pressure to be released sons and daughters tied to the deceased-

jarred immutable condition reduced to tears
loosen inhibition-losing faith an exorcism-
the blind dream of vision without a set plan nothing pans out
break tradition make a beeline for antihistamine
banish the malice from being

drink to your manifest destiny-
exhibit the harmony pray for light of day
may the sky be filled with sun
praise The Lord
The Lord is one.