a cause in care

a cause in care
the means to mention all it means
break for sake of convention
turn the word to elevate
a sacred song yet holy hymn
for melody the tears
sky an integral given
in the dusk of willing
sheer cloud fizzle in rain
capture a heart again
to know someone so long
to know I do not
blame her anymore
the sweetness lilt
in a voice that promises me no guilt
to ebb the raging of the sea
come over me
like sunlight after a storm
as gratefully
as you have set me free
so I
will turn the other I
and let you be
as wary as that sounds
to see that smiling face
would herald all the promise
to mend a heart with grace
and all the while knowing
with love put into place
a trusted bond unbroken
will not be worn to waste.