deep tears escape down cheek
parchment wither crack
time wrinkle face
abhorrent act

raise gracious rage diligent glass
endure stimulant
regardless of age
your silver glow encrypted

turn a moon conflicted
dark night surround by daylight
puffy cloud wisps conspire
sail into wind for hours

turbulent seas make men tremble
seek women in their dreams
row galleon sail on
air current fly eagle off the distant coast
boast choppy seas
frantic panic in the Atlantic
lost to
praise the sun
waves warm feel thaw
golden rays upon the day
begin to melt the seagulls play
étoilé the star of guidance shine
tell me I am yours that you are mine
in all the mention of the time
whisper words soothing kind

swim with the fishes is there time?
ask for kelp all for brine
an ocean of love may mend the ship
that flow from the heart to save the trip
though rushing water swell and dip
welcome moon it’s half past noon
we’ll view the view and get there soon
before the juniper bloom in June.

tin stars distract

tin stars distract
lite the dirt the beam compact

lovers woo
envelop lovers woe
thoughts you knew you may not know

swim sea undertow
deepest waters crash
soaring seagull cry

loneliness will tell you why
you haven’t got a friend nearby
to care until the end of time
a virtual ascend

happy fellow warm mellow
moon low world cold
in that old familiar way

salmon spawn against tide
blue fish run away
fishing fleet fish for meat
sell it by the bay

Fall skip into Winter
fell on Ice/slip no grip
darkness whisper whimper

so cherished is your sleep
you haven’t heard a word I speak
nocturnal wish surreal
murmur in realm of dreams.

the distant summer

the distant summer
aloof in winters bare
fallen snow follow
soon left the swallow
bird of flight quiet night

sky violet light cool blue azure bright
mixture rain and ice
the fragments of a fixture triangular angular suffice
spare change the faculty cries
mammoth hysteria the autocrat experiential

mental prowess experimental
illumines potential
be well the time elemental
glow ever gentle reverence The Messiah
shy away the dependance survival

semi-conscious streams realize dreams
chase tomorrow looking back archival
notes sing of spring sanctuary
every living thing in memory
find fraternal favor a humility

bear roses in-enmities
recite sweet sentiment
play instruments of merriment
regard the cold with wool and glove
forgive the world with love.

the witness

peace to you I love you sweet old soul
that tolls my heart from head to toe
screams a musty woe
the wanton heart deep in grief the disbelief
critical hysteria ridiculous child at your feet-pronounce the grounds
astound the lens
those cornflower blue eyes
wince since when
the angels pathological past fascinations a
world evolving ego sobs in mist-
grabs as big as bliss through
sand and silt so much I miss the milk
of human kindness all but spilt
marble eyed warblers fly in threes
appreciate the hours spent in trees-
as gentle as a summer breeze
to fall down to my knees
as need so desperately receives
in ancient pain I think of you free
and easy in the day
in other ways
a holiday to wake in waves
blue grasses green reeds yellow leaves will not grieve
wake me from this dream perceive
the witness waits for God it seems.


slay the dragon of disparage
burst like a fountain at dusk
emancipate the chain of loss
found are the grounds to walk
at the end of the day
traffic going every which way
head downtown
place papers in a purse
face the evening things could be worse
final chances undo a curse
that drown sorrows shattered
getting fatter nothing mattered
until stifled air hurled me to the floor
not strong enough to bear the weight of worn
a mighty tug upon a heart of hurt
a dangerous flirt with everything
inert-I heard the gentle calling
of a girl sleep-walking in the world,
falling from the river bank into
a swirling stream away from land
swimming with the tide far out
to sea-letting her go the biggest part of me-duality in identity-do
not suffer endlessly-climb the rocks serenity
and let it be
a dream
in thoughtful memory.