the witness

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peace to you I love you sweet old soul
that tolls my heart from head to toe
screams a musty woe
the wanton heart deep in grief the disbelief
critical hysteria ridiculous child at your feet-pronounce the grounds
astound the lens
those cornflower blue eyes
wince since when
the angels pathological past fascinations a
world evolving ego sobs in mist-
grabs as big as bliss through
sand and silt so much I miss the milk
of human kindness all but spilt
marble eyed warblers fly in threes
appreciate the hours spent in trees-
as gentle as a summer breeze
to fall down to my knees
as need so desperately receives
in ancient pain I think of you free
and easy in the day
in other ways
a holiday to wake in waves
blue grasses green reeds yellow leaves will not grieve
wake me from this dream perceive
the witness waits for God it seems.

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