ethereal tree

ethereal tree in the forrest cathedral
shimmer winsome bird wing
crisp Autumn air bring slim stem
blue azure grass capture frost
the cost of losing you
lost in the shadows
rain like tears dripping droplets on branches
strip the evening mottled leaf
that fill the ground with grief
creature stir black fur buries to ashes
shadow of a darker moon cry to sea
waves crash bluer
i never meant to hurt the wonder
it was a wonderful summer
salt in the wound plunder put the mood asunder
fire brimstone thunder
upset depth deep dark sorrow
forgive an ancient debt
that may free us from regret tomorrow.

for you

for you
sage fume
cloudy mist tint blue
green stem stalk past
the pasture where we laughed
smiling sun upon purple plum
the blossom of her care
she sympathize the eyes of cries
regarding butterflies
delicate creatures perfect features
pond meadow rainbow 🌈 rose the row of colored crows in Autumn leaves that glow
then to leaf through books
that bind the mind back through time line for line
winter cometh the spruce and pine embark the heart ♥️ of rhyme.

my olympus

Portraits of the Gods and Goddesses

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odes to The Gods and Goddesses


graceful green stem
heavenly wind whisper repose
a coat of shining stars
precipitate Her halo cap
arouse circles of the abundant bliss
to gather stones the grave enlist
kiss Her sequenced hem dawn to dusky pink carry long
longing for Her love adored
promise A kiss be born to every pretty
mist beside the Spring of song.


fire lute and lyre curses cry for no one from the sand of nomad canyons caves carnal sins break of day hoist the sail break away prisoners all in the prism of the fall
capture them all the lamb is silent
the lion roar.


Her beautiful mind exquisite kind in shadow shade everglades glide in moonbeam tides hear your name-think the spoils of war ain’t no use at all, the catcher waves a wand the crystal of a swan-the magic will unfold when men grow not so old to see the sea as cold and free as gold.


unearth cloud cover hover between the world and night the dark of bed has hit your head the dread is out of sight but oh the miracle He may the night will sun the day and i will hunt to be as blunt as fish swim in the bay.


yellow golden age upon the plain bathe enrich the grain fierce the piercing seagull cry the sun is in his eye great God
warmth regard the handsome and the bard.


Son of Zeus protective loving knight blue green waters stir rush crash in His veins touched by Pisces reflect moon lit seas oceans fathom turbulence deluge Father of fish crab clam man the oar from Maine to the mainland of Japan.

in the twinkle of a starry night

in the twinkle of a starry night the
hurt felt bones receive an ocean depth
that wept in stream of tears sweet as
baby’s breath

immaculate amulet will you accept
a stone skip a summer set morn

cornucopia, the dawn
a verse to believe in the Lord
hale the wail that scale the wall
i try she cry they die and why?
that never meant to cause you pain

a dream of self the me
exclaim the fiery flame
she may never be the same
eyes fill with rain
adapt dark night conceive the light
faraway green a theme of horses free
instill me their imagery
a brush with paint
pursue a Saint
His laughter of virility

the distant miles
where are you
empowered flower 🌹 in the Spring to spring in Springs and sing to the bees and the birds ever forever in thought to inscribe

this wish become the mist so missed
the miss throws fits
her mind is blown to bits she grieve without her wits
to write the like of writs
like this brisk wish in
star filled sky

her beautiful mind
aligned starshine bright
her kindness sublime
day and night.

decide the time

—to The Lord

decide the time to live in reason the rhyme may hide the inquisition can’t move but tears that swoon a moon glistens and i a lonely shell called home reduce to tears yr ancient thrown and curses of all time be past let go the hate an inner faith a second date a second glance a second chance-with dire debt receive the love you seek has left and right the world in spin and whirl there is a task that mask our youth the losing game of hurt and pain may curse the way you seem denied to live and love like any guy i promise you we’ll never stray and pray for you on holiday-please accept our lives at best the world is yours when with blessings won? please please our peace the need is great officiate before too late believe in us as we believe in you a theory of the golden rule and if by chance the cold may sting as bees to the honey the plays the thing so recess retire we care we tire we cry the tears you will not fear for it would be as it once was before the time was born beside still waters sons and daughters hear a prayer for you to care once more let there be a renaissance let there be life, come join us and bring your wife.

death a part of life

death a part of life
the final curtain
a role well played
that we should come to this
forever and a day
i look to you
my light in shining powers
awestruck the final hours
a forest for the flowers
tears wept for every living soul
upon the soil of toil
moon and stars the sun
wrapped in silver foil
wind call out to the sea
ocean midnight blue
from deepest depth the heart
as ever true
stream rivers sudden fish
a golden hue
red and yellow snapper
snapper blues
misbegotten ocean bottom floor
i feel i know in letting go
you love me more.

for all the world i touch

in the course of mighty rivers challenging channels caught cold quivers quizzical shivers crimson creatures absorb light tints of night right in the middle of second sight
appeal the real spin the whim reduce the speed sleep well my steed run run the tears the task turn dark as night time come
and i alone catch colder still upon the breath of heart that kill the ever lost that never will-the milk is spilt i cry
and never was the stubborn day that end the year and this dear bay that swim the rim and beg to play a song sung low remorse must tow a wreckage of a ship at sea the hull of heaven miss her plea to be as free as she can be the torrent wind whisper
a fascination pursue a nation a revelation doubt creation and i a worldly novice ask for solace in the tropic of my silence end the vile creature stress the promise of a wretch the wicked with the license wither you go you know the flow of words will do to honor you but in the dark the cavern flood the deep sea caves are filled with mud arouse the time to rise and shine to fall the wick burn thick till done the shadow knows from whence it come and answer this my sweet resist to you and yours a best exist till day is here i tell you dear i am the one who fear the dawn if ever one felt as forlorn.

we shall be as one

we shall be as one.

we shall be as one, under wind rain snow and sun, don’t lose heart old and young the median is the protector the medium is the messenger rare dialect reflect a wreck in jest the best regret of some, the swirl of sea replace amie the promise of st thomas a history-redeem be free return the need to save a soul do what i hold on bended knee? i hear yr sympathy and keen the ordinary side of me -search for a friend in misery-the end is kept a mystery-the youth of you i harbor close as welcome as the holy ghost-if ever was a love so deep, i wish i’d shut my mouth and let you sleep-to heal the real that is so meek i cannot wait to hear you speak as all i do is mourn the bleak if you would only hold my hand and walk across the promise land there is a God somewhere for thee, the maestro of a symphony-please forgive this entity-as God will love us endlessly i believe.



innocence may a sin
spring carol in the wind
blessed the heart may sing
give us this yearling linger
hearts and flowers bring
yearning nor the nought
Angel wing
upon the Heath reason wreck
the churlish golden ring
support the beam
of moon and dream
tiring refrain
to end the war before the thaw
come winter once again.

heart of sea – for Deepthi

star above earth below stormy night heart of sea
beauty bound tremor found as she

embark green stem
leaves surrender september

barren tree lay bare
in the unseen twilight

the moon unassume
move an ocean wave
half full-cool looming
in time to bind

crystal clear ocean air
random mellow fair
harbor hail
boat of mast and sail
along frail coastal freedom

light the day perfect in a rose
enable those rare memories
in everything you choose
revel in the heart and mind

fresh flowers cut from the garden
a loved one deep as grace embrace
feel the love receive gently
call twilight never break

starlight comfort you
wind hug you tenderly
take away your fear
the sunset in the west
moon ascend.