in the twinkle of a starry night

love | poems | psalms

in the twinkle of a starry night the
hurt felt bones receive an ocean depth
that wept in stream of tears sweet as
baby’s breath

immaculate amulet will you accept
a stone skip a summer set morn

cornucopia, the dawn
a verse to believe in the Lord
hale the wail that scale the wall
i try she cry they die and why?
that never meant to cause you pain

a dream of self the me
exclaim the fiery flame
she may never be the same
eyes fill with rain
adapt dark night conceive the light
faraway green a theme of horses free
instill me their imagery
a brush with paint
pursue a Saint
His laughter of virility

the distant miles
where are you
empowered flower 🌹 in the Spring to spring in Springs and sing to the bees and the birds ever forever in thought to inscribe

this wish become the mist so missed
the miss throws fits
her mind is blown to bits she grieve without her wits
to write the like of writs
like this brisk wish in
star filled sky

her beautiful mind
aligned starshine bright
her kindness sublime
day and night.

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