i adore the Earth

i adore the Earth my home
a place to call my own
the river bend and moan
the ocean white with foam

i hear a bird at dawn
she sing a lovely song
i see the sea is blue
the horizon and Heavens too

i see a sea of sky
that fill her gray blue eyes
in hope there is a prayer
for God to always be there

will you see me someday
where we may work and play
i pray for you to be okay
my heart is full and gay

i long to see you smile
across the cloudy miles
i fear it’s but a dream
to have a world for my girl and me

don’t worry baby blue
for i remember you
my messenger my guide
my starry night your moon won’t cry.


we shall be as one

we shall be as one.

we shall be as one, under wind rain snow and sun, don’t lose heart old and young the median is the protector the medium is the messenger rare dialect reflect a wreck in jest the best regret of some, the swirl of sea replace amie the promise of st thomas a history-redeem be free return the need to save a soul do what i hold on bended knee? i hear yr sympathy and keen the ordinary side of me -search for a friend in misery-the end is kept a mystery-the youth of you i harbor close as welcome as the holy ghost-if ever was a love so deep, i wish i’d shut my mouth and let you sleep-to heal the real that is so meek i cannot wait to hear you speak as all i do is mourn the bleak if you would only hold my hand and walk across the promise land there is a God somewhere for thee, the maestro of a symphony-please forgive this entity-as God will love us endlessly i believe.


stalk and grass

antelope stream stream
stalk and grass daybreak wake
lift the wind to see the seas
blow the golden coastline shake
November to an April freeze
then come what May tears of joy
water spill from her eyes
a new season
touch lips that grin
in a suggestion

stare stars fail to see cares
too late to worry change
encourage raging rain
enfold the sweep of grain
protective soil carry weight
fixed tight
picture of the paint

world power of prayer
cloister careless angst christen repair
cast away despair
sink softly moonlit night tears pour no more
speak plain blue skies soar
thunder strike twilight
hurt will pain until an endless sunny day
emotion blow up fields
dark golden light bathe
into sunset
night promise dawn
bird sing bright regard
familiar one with God.


wind blow

wind blow ice cold out to sea
grasses gold wavering wheat
fishes fowl run the hour
in their harmony
trust just love must let the Angels be

in time thou thine a part of me
inside cries for the heart of thee
time will tell you what befell you
when first I saw your pretty face

God gift amazing grace
He can take it all away
may you stay don’t turn away forlorn
without delay return the day reborn

to meet the most Holy Ghost in early morn
toast the host with all your Heaven brethren
that spill the tears to heal a hurried welcome
tend a field of wild flower
marigold beguile

hammer gold moulding old and tired
paintings for a public view invite you
images from dark to light pose a prayer in evening night
of pools to dive into

the water cool as wind wend westerly
alone again to get the best of me
a self made prophecy manifest destiny
where are you my mistress of ceremony?
candid in your ministry medicinal
seeing God on Sundays
a little bit closer
may I count on you?

my decisions easier
having bouts reason blur
out with a curse
that empties the purse
that questions my very bliss

time measures everything
quick to overwhelm
the realm of age
turn a page
rustle of parchment scent of cologne
the comfort of being alone

love that is giving
inspire to yearn
evergreen pining
your humble sage with Taurus rising.

a duty to beauty intuitive

a duty to beauty intuitive
resume the aspect of gratitude
felt the thoughts revolve
around the hands of God

driven miles taken
a world of time alone
from ocean to the sound
the dunes are quiet now

heartache put to bed
that pains a wound embedded
amend the time resolve
I am her lamb
wish on star she is my heart

stick and mud a dam
water rushes swept away
sleep deep till break of day

December morning
a moment like a chorus sing
sentimental in her merriment

I look to you ever well
sound church bell
chimes bright as sun
morning nightfall

seems the freeze will never thaw
pray for peace nothing more
live life like you’ve done this all before
familiar with love a stranger to war

the heart may fail
as cloud may pale a sunny day
enter in your magic grin
windy as a gale

happy as a reign deer
love you so
fallen snow.

His Will

stem a pitcher of ice water
extend an hour glass form
clear as rain from translucent sky
angels try to catch their mindful arcs
listen to the sound of hawks as smooth moons glisten
currents abrupt wind pulls from a distance
into vast pools cast a world magnificent
humbles introspection
need not hesitate God is great to win His love exceptional
negate poison reiterate storms of reason
rekindle the heart a warming symbol
to appreciate the time it takes
by starlight breaks for heaven’s sake
a sign inclined to signal
the appropriate associated mingle
in the middle of a malleable festivity
to gain kindred kind

I love you more than I love myself
it’s not myself I wish to spare
it is you lovely angel prepares
despair is a rarity in your makeup
charity tells me your view
Chabad the reservation
a temple in the trees
in silent prayer I meditate on these
whatever frees won’t kill
may God bless us with His Will
this time upon the Earth of love and peace.

Happy New Year.


moon through trees silk screen

moon through tree silk screen
cheer up soiled grass thinking
pine green envious
drink in moon beam qualm
the slow packed pace back to farm
brings your travels jogging
notice leaves bounce in the
fluctuating lit branch
off objective reflective other worldly
spirits marooned in the night swoon
secret sugary tart cooled by evening
coat palates nocturnal in tandem
brittle candied ribbon overlap the saucer
meandering fireflies head for the top of the trees
to parade pomp romp with so many bees
that bring about attention to the deficit of day
passed the sun that set his mind or may
regard the moon forever in his way
scene stealing cache
the moon bent on the bay
worried as a line in the sky
of stars that don’t ask why
they only come out at night
it is an offering a gift sought
the sun zealous break into a grin to bring
the moon too emotional to be alone bright cool translucent intrinsic
crystal blown
stars love our world unconditionally
they light up the night sky transfixed
a compass for the purpose
God may find us
to heal every living being
so help us God
all knowing all seeking
His love in sweet regard.

the witness

peace to you I love you sweet old soul
that tolls my heart from head to toe
screams a musty woe
the wanton heart deep in grief the disbelief
critical hysteria ridiculous child at your feet-pronounce the grounds
astound the lens
those cornflower blue eyes
wince since when
the angels pathological past fascinations a
world evolving ego sobs in mist-
grabs as big as bliss through
sand and silt so much I miss the milk
of human kindness all but spilt
marble eyed warblers fly in threes
appreciate the hours spent in trees-
as gentle as a summer breeze
to fall down to my knees
as need so desperately receives
in ancient pain I think of you free
and easy in the day
in other ways
a holiday to wake in waves
blue grasses green reeds yellow leaves will not grieve
wake me from this dream perceive
the witness waits for God it seems.

our planet

the Lady Herself the wisdom of
the wise, good fortune resounds
the bliss restored by order of an all inclusive sons and daughters who
bear witness to souls
without the torture what have we?
our world
has much to learn as everybody knows
to be led around by the nose to break free creates anarchy in the
minds and hearts most feeling of your children
to be in a solar system so wounded by despair always
forever grateful a loving gentle Earth beaten battered broken hearted
torn away the dearly departed your consciousness overwhelms me this
day of contextual recognition
We hold God in highest esteem
and love you as honorable and we
hold on to the shirt tails of your
understanding with allowing love
and sweetest regard for you in the disclosing of the most agreeable
concern and love for our planet.


Heavenly Kindness

like a body of water the people’s of the Earth are a Heavenly body in
the dormant heart-do not scatter the refuse of a love so worn torn
aborted throughout history born and bred for our daily bread is spent
for every soul dead inside the belly of the Beast-I am alive to hear
the pounding hoof beats in freedom the light with sweet voice the
angels choice calling her to imagine that yours and mine
for wisdom in our children in all of us our care the deeply sincerest
necessity of all a combined union under a melting heart Mother Mary
may you laugh and sparkle with your Son under the love and warming sun
in a time of love for all the good neighbors of the Earth thank you
God bless you in happiness and joy that we may someday be blessed to
see the 2nd coming of your brave new world in kindness rekindled in
your divinity the love of Father Son And The Holy Spirit in the
prayers and wishes dreams and hopes for our world in forgiveness and
most kindness for our loving hearts and souls.