Heavenly Kindness

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like a body of water the people’s of the Earth are a Heavenly body in
the dormant heart-do not scatter the refuse of a love so worn torn
aborted throughout history born and bred for our daily bread is spent
for every soul dead inside the belly of the Beast-I am alive to hear
the pounding hoof beats in freedom the light with sweet voice the
angels choice calling her to imagine that yours and mine
for wisdom in our children in all of us our care the deeply sincerest
necessity of all a combined union under a melting heart Mother Mary
may you laugh and sparkle with your Son under the love and warming sun
in a time of love for all the good neighbors of the Earth thank you
God bless you in happiness and joy that we may someday be blessed to
see the 2nd coming of your brave new world in kindness rekindled in
your divinity the love of Father Son And The Holy Spirit in the
prayers and wishes dreams and hopes for our world in forgiveness and
most kindness for our loving hearts and souls.


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