the very pebbles

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a long way down he riseth up to shake
the very pebbles off the trees as hourly
rage the scourge of outrageous calamity into carnivorous solitude
as others wash their torrent tributes
to tell the little birds that twitter on leftover twigs the winter of
our paradise each splintered hope, the dream and picture promises a
promise land to keel the corrupt
exception to the rule of a world departed so sigh the guise in the
minds eye of the sky enchanted- your homeless brood
to seek the need of smoke as fire burns bright in the hopes and
hideouts in the thought of merriment
a crescent moon crying soul that
June withstands that which is withheld-
an aptitude for minuscule lapels the labels
on little yellow jackets buzzed and
here me oh Lord let bringing
core climate to those who have gone before and of that most great the living-
we be heard of this before in
reflections of a mirror
no strokes the water spokes on
wheels to turn in rivers wake the
bush may burn for better wishes
do help me God so help us Sire-
I am not a liar
for Heavens sake
I am just under a sacred trust
to win the wars of togetherness
in solitary-confines the our-a picture
dangling words as carrots in a
portion of pleas plague a peace
inside the heart of need
happily sent and I am for the better of it if it is to be present a presence
to forgive an emptiness of powers
in the temple you are the simple
rain shower over the plain and
though thine would take the
pain from honest working men women children animals
in learning to let go the infamous
snow that kept cool timid prayer
for summers filled with care
may You love us
without despair
in heartfelt happiness
Your original love
to heal everything under the sun.


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