a duty to beauty intuitive

friendship | poems

a duty to beauty intuitive
resume the aspect of gratitude
felt the thoughts revolve
around the hands of God

driven miles taken
a world of time alone
from ocean to the sound
the dunes are quiet now

heartache put to bed
that pains a wound embedded
amend the time resolve
I am her lamb
wish on star she is my heart

stick and mud a dam
water rushes swept away
sleep deep till break of day

December morning
a moment like a chorus sing
sentimental in her merriment

I look to you ever well
sound church bell
chimes bright as sun
morning nightfall

seems the freeze will never thaw
pray for peace nothing more
live life like you’ve done this all before
familiar with love a stranger to war

the heart may fail
as cloud may pale a sunny day
enter in your magic grin
windy as a gale

happy as a reign deer
love you so
fallen snow.

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