we shall be as one

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we shall be as one.

we shall be as one, under wind rain snow and sun, don’t lose heart old and young the median is the protector the medium is the messenger rare dialect reflect a wreck in jest the best regret of some, the swirl of sea replace amie the promise of st thomas a history-redeem be free return the need to save a soul do what i hold on bended knee? i hear yr sympathy and keen the ordinary side of me -search for a friend in misery-the end is kept a mystery-the youth of you i harbor close as welcome as the holy ghost-if ever was a love so deep, i wish i’d shut my mouth and let you sleep-to heal the real that is so meek i cannot wait to hear you speak as all i do is mourn the bleak if you would only hold my hand and walk across the promise land there is a God somewhere for thee, the maestro of a symphony-please forgive this entity-as God will love us endlessly i believe.


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