we shall be as one

we shall be as one.

we shall be as one, under wind rain snow and sun, don’t lose heart old and young the median is the protector the medium is the messenger rare dialect reflect a wreck in jest the best regret of some, the swirl of sea replace amie the promise of st thomas a history-redeem be free return the need to save a soul do what i hold on bended knee? i hear yr sympathy and keen the ordinary side of me -search for a friend in misery-the end is kept a mystery-the youth of you i harbor close as welcome as the holy ghost-if ever was a love so deep, i wish i’d shut my mouth and let you sleep-to heal the real that is so meek i cannot wait to hear you speak as all i do is mourn the bleak if you would only hold my hand and walk across the promise land there is a God somewhere for thee, the maestro of a symphony-please forgive this entity-as God will love us endlessly i believe.


Merry Christmas

joy in the celestial
bring 3 wisemen ephemeral
from farthest hills
walk the dusty plain
call out His name
The Lord is born in Bethlehem
rejoice rejoice the people have
one voice
music flow like water to the sea
tears of thanks wash over me
river banks beckon no regret
bright star shine
the night
is calm
Mary with the child
in her arms.

in a manger

it so happens to be
the incline of eternity
a rose garden no stranger
planted hydrangeas
fish swim free likened
to ponds of birds the swallow
hurt in hollow words
the evergreen shadow
over earth the magic fan
that shades her name
as wind and rain
upon the plain of evermore
I ask for sunshine cool in weather
fortuitous waters sweep
in fountains parks and green
the milestones of peeps
where after all she takes the call
that answers something deep and all
the revenue that rage fell through
was never intended to upset you
as ever was a fairy dust
to move a mountain or two because
I love you more becomes the day
and kneel beside your heart today
to ask forgiveness for my thoughts
that faults deliverance in wilderness remorse
so wild keen the smiling of
a dawn to deem her rising sun
the where of been
with no regret to give up yet
I ask you with so much love respect
to think of me with no upset
the magic never left your side
I dream a dream
grateful for your kindness
thankful for your wonder
lightning and thunder
found in a manger
in my mind.

God peer back

pale sky the color of champ-ale
golden dragon pursue an ivory tail
that bodes as well for boats
to sail the coasts those embedded
ruby eyes the fire roars the angels sigh to dive into seas of clouds
not asking for a reason why the dawn
is quick to humble hearts as swells will drench our summer hides till
autumn-seabirds laugh take a bath
proud to call out loud their
fresh fish dinner catch-all is well into the
winter where souls
at the right hand of God peer back over the green-colored Earth
onward upward anointed
somewhere in summer it’s snowing
in the rose garden of my drawing.


alone away out west the plain
you in my heart again
seems seasons since
such sparrows came
may hear the angels spar and then
whirr endangered linger on
in a blur of colder texture
wrapped in cloth inside a manger
hear that sounds little stranger
our tears fall into favor
remain the rain reclaim the savior
seek the fruit chilled juice to savor
as sweet a wine to bring a truce
envy port your sweet merlot
as very varied berries go
impartial to the cordial host
call hob-nobbins and the ghosts
to walk around your lovely town
minimal at most.

by the water

when faith is wax a primal
upon the text of nevertheless taken too extreme
down by the cold clear stream
walk on water
first sins washed away
we were young and gay
innocent the nubile babe
in her mothers crescent arms
soft cheek hand feet beside the borrowed creek
where suns and moons spin sleek and cool
to sound their round physiques
to lift
daylight to nestle in nests made from
nettles petals twigs stem leaves mud clay
every being should have her day in the sun
walk with me by the water take my hand
bring us peace. Amen.


all in a days night
the Romanesque march
by candlelight
a curious quest
as the sun goes down
in the west
rumor laid to rest
upon the heartless hills
we do our best
less is more our ills
yet never was the world as wild
since first I saw it as a child
beyond the rainbow sky of gold
the hand of God warm and old
trumpets announce His arrival
I paint it on paper archival
and pray to The Lord
to melt the heart of woe.