blow wind blow

blind wind blow snow pack punch timid time reject be gone leave eave the roost farewell warmth’s habitual memory static fantastic temperature plunge redundant duties done to sleep in shadow shade
fade a sinking sun
bliss kiss the risk of mist revert redeem
the evergreen hid amid a sleeve of sheen

angels frozen to the wing crackle to the fired wick quick as moths to a flame as do i to hear your name sweet refrain branch upon window pane fields wheat as sweet as grain flourish across the dewy plain in sunshine and in rain

whistle of a train rail through hill and dale
moonlight bright or pale blue sky and windy gale i feel for the ones i fail from my
powerless jail

time capsize my mind the need to be as free tender as a tree restless as the sea
when i was young and 23.


innocence may a sin
spring carol in the wind
blessed the heart may sing
give us this yearling linger
hearts and flowers bring
yearning nor the nought
Angel wing
upon the Heath reason wreck
the churlish golden ring
support the beam
of moon and dream
tiring refrain
to end the war before the thaw
come winter once again.

wind blow

wind blow ice cold out to sea
grasses gold wavering wheat
fishes fowl run the hour
in their harmony
trust just love must let the Angels be

in time thou thine a part of me
inside cries for the heart of thee
time will tell you what befell you
when first I saw your pretty face

God gift amazing grace
He can take it all away
may you stay don’t turn away forlorn
without delay return the day reborn

to meet the most Holy Ghost in early morn
toast the host with all your Heaven brethren
that spill the tears to heal a hurried welcome
tend a field of wild flower
marigold beguile

hammer gold moulding old and tired
paintings for a public view invite you
images from dark to light pose a prayer in evening night
of pools to dive into

the water cool as wind wend westerly
alone again to get the best of me
a self made prophecy manifest destiny
where are you my mistress of ceremony?
candid in your ministry medicinal
seeing God on Sundays
a little bit closer
may I count on you?

my decisions easier
having bouts reason blur
out with a curse
that empties the purse
that questions my very bliss

time measures everything
quick to overwhelm
the realm of age
turn a page
rustle of parchment scent of cologne
the comfort of being alone

love that is giving
inspire to yearn
evergreen pining
your humble sage with Taurus rising.

dreamy eyes

unwritten thought feel
taken to adapt
never lose the choice to choose
vocal in periwinkle blues

chasing a miracle
invisible invincible prophet
science for a rocket
picture in a locket
semi precious stones inside a pocket

alone with the angels
guarding overhead
something that they do
while we sleep soundly in our beds
to every kind gesture said
persevere the lives
a fight within to give it up
which could erupt

how lucky it’s been
the woman whistle
through the wood
sun reflect her innocence
dream the theme of summer
the gloved hand of a farmer

water earth sky the season
affirm the reason
sunrise dreamy eyes
love the dark
the light of day will stream

stars light the sky
perfection is a feeling
true is a life lived aloof
the camera breathes with every proof

candles bright the sense of night
in the light of a cool Spring moon
to say i love you miss you
with tears the size of elephant ears

how good of you
she with sensitive eyes
strive to try
you will heal

when we see each other again
count her fingers and her toes
kiss you hug you hello
dance with you under the moon
on a lake
farmer in good faith
every breath taken
never forsaken
the very depth upsetting
the function of creation
since we first met
react a tactful fact
you are my Mac
I am your jak.

burnt blue orange flame

burnt blue orange flame
great harmony troubled
chaos clatter bells
see among the mire
heart fall in winter
call contagious rage
seethe silent grief
violent heaving stir thoughts
of her leaving
feeling foolish
brood mood consume evening
slowly chaste raw moon
give peace
an incredible place believing
circumstance follow interlude
heart felt rebellion twist my confession
professional courtesy dire-
love her
throughout all eternity
the summer fill the day
burnt-out August lulled cool
autumn blew the leaves away

winter looks colder than a dare
raped the autumn trees leaves them bare
in meadow mellow angels throw and catch their halos
like frisbees in the air
breezes crispy crackle sparks
fiery discs dart back and forth
faceted quartz lite different parts
humble the tumbled ore
from deep within earths core
so are we as deep as a sea
no sight of shore
and you coming through
like you never have before
I respect your pain
I love you like the grain of salt in rain

moved to tears
the fleeting years come and go
you’re tireless wireless
exceptional professional

raincloud paint the sun upset-
I pray the angels dry the sky
gentle beauty in her eyes
she cries to be in love.

gravitate a humble life

gravitate a humble life
light the moonbeams in the night
swear the angels get it right
rascals seem so erudite

counter boundless energy
Shake needles off pine
drink until deplete of wine
the grace of grapes la fete upon the vine

you in your state of mind
cannot relate to mine
inherent to be kind so much to bear
impose the time to find me there

gentle gracious angels in the city
summers take a tunnel to the sea
everywhere is farmland green and pretty
fruit stands line the streets a local litany

back home quiet transcends the traffic
that forced it’s way into my psyche
homespun into the fabric
a lonely stone bridge the road
to paths well known

incredible wisdoms derived from laughter
see them then as the hereafter
looking grave a mortal slave begs The Lord
to save my loved ones as myself from harm

a life well spent takes so much good to vent
around the world my heart is holding on
to sing about the days ahead
to mourn the loved ones that are gone

there’s purpose in service to a dream
build fulfill not fall in between
cheer the deer as no one ever may
reach for a star come up with another day

life is at it’s best when filled with rest
the rest will somehow happen so it seems
direct your attention to the heart of dreams
a night of stars humble the request
receive a village hidden in the trees.

a waters whim

in thistle worn withered wicked worried winter, hysterical eccentric
concentric troves of
groves the weeping willow grows-
the strut admired beginning transpires-the forest run amuck-every
little fawn marsh golden yellow, the lagging lack of plight into the
night better days perfumed bloom a musty musk I ask we must but enter
in confederate strongholds seek wisdom
becoming to a mortal-heaven help but be for goodness sake the bough
may break the gist and I would wonder why it takes so long to win a
hug as after all the fall will fall befell the random night you could
not lift a life so long a fright has logged the fire burning bright as
candle burns a waxing moonlight shown white as silver stars carry on,
forsaken souls receive their gold as sorrow send the sultry sun to
change estranged remorse with love to touch the hearts of everyone-
and if in turn the grounds are burnt
the shadows fall on pavement split-parched so long a summer simmered,
inclined to toast the berries off the bush-figurative study a deluge
rain came and muddied the more the body struggle aches her trouble to
the break of boast to boost the worst most
stranded, remind the early tide rebounds-take me out to sea-regard me
as a body of water set me free one weekend night in mid flight from
anger ending possibility
and I the guilty party counted on a misanthrope to wage the war to
open doors-I hid timidly to hear the angels sing a miracle lost-skip
stones a waters whim-to miss the kind heart melt
that kissed the dawn of mornings felt-I follow allowing her gentle grin
that has her in my heart again.


sleep weep depth defying doubt
for happiness the child drifts
clouds pink purple encircle phantom moon
lit the nether night of fuzzy air
breathing stars in candy coated silver
wait the moon to give shine
to the Earth below bond glow
simpatico birds fly in unison sideways
across embossed seas roaring
falling on the wings of Mercury’s heels
the advent trembling choreography
heavy metal in his armor
brought to your heart soulfully to honor
black opaque sovereignty
jet streams negative space
in a race of trust
that the planets will align
arch angels unwind
the palms of plenty remind the time
to shake with joy the brimming birth
the worth of life on the earth
the sweet mention of
nothing tense will love will-out?
a mothers constant care
crusade the cradled rock
broken brooks the dignity blocked
dim undaunted we do our day
with tears yet so fettered unfeeling
to pursue a life with you
if only to unscrew
the angle of an angel flown
as roses bloom in places known
where pain shame suffering
threw the heart away
leave the body to swim into the sky
to try to lift a voice to God
to ask Him why?
turquoise stones sterling silver ties
taking refuge away from bright
rest on laurel leaves
heavier than light in misery
sadness borrows sorrow
hollow as a heart in flight.

resist the gist

slip into a ripple of sea too bright to sink unseen
with everything we haven’t been you’re everything to me
in some ways greener than the trees in summer sage
in summer wind to trace the ace of queens
a child again pretend do we create
her majestic countryside these United States
still what will of daffodil fulfilled with no mistakes
catch a cold on beaches squall call for water breaks
as the foam blends the bones for fishes washed ashore
flowering grasses growing tall hiding in the rough
a child playful as a pup
her organdy garment soaked above the knee
tiny hearts sewn on her bonnet
where there are skies in eyes so blue to untie the moon and let the
sun be done for a day or two in the backdrop of a set the picturesque
recessed upset of
a light too bright for night-
expect the blessings of the early morning dawn
your heart is strong the angels caught in the mid heaven
sing to return the song they stole drunk on the beauty
of Venus and weary they lay down their arms for peace
for every living being in the universe, listening to their
every heartbeat as they are written
smitten with the love of the elements
gathering stones to honor the present
bring the essential tide to cool
foolish cruelty in the name
of responsibility-as I am but a
hypocrite to resist the gist
of capability.

angels in your way

breathe a sigh of relief to answer grief
as green the juicy leaf clings to stem a requiem for root deep in the
earth a salty saucy soil a melodious memory of where you stood
enhanced in feeling such sweet harmony-
take me in from summer rains that catch the mellow blues and grays,
expanse of white lite up the sky, yellow clouds shield birds who want
to be alone-grateful for a forgetful wind shy sublime inverted blown
apart to shatter trees uprooted rattle-
flying across the source of the soft
mauve sod-bring your pride pick fruit like a pastor, find the throes
of angels in your way that tire but preserve
my darling my dear
joy will quiet our fear
that tear down the walls
between us here.