resist the gist

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slip into a ripple of sea too bright to sink unseen
with everything we haven’t been you’re everything to me
in some ways greener than the trees in summer sage
in summer wind to trace the ace of queens
a child again pretend do we create
her majestic countryside these United States
still what will of daffodil fulfilled with no mistakes
catch a cold on beaches squall call for water breaks
as the foam blends the bones for fishes washed ashore
flowering grasses growing tall hiding in the rough
a child playful as a pup
her organdy garment soaked above the knee
tiny hearts sewn on her bonnet
where there are skies in eyes so blue to untie the moon and let the
sun be done for a day or two in the backdrop of a set the picturesque
recessed upset of
a light too bright for night-
expect the blessings of the early morning dawn
your heart is strong the angels caught in the mid heaven
sing to return the song they stole drunk on the beauty
of Venus and weary they lay down their arms for peace
for every living being in the universe, listening to their
every heartbeat as they are written
smitten with the love of the elements
gathering stones to honor the present
bring the essential tide to cool
foolish cruelty in the name
of responsibility-as I am but a
hypocrite to resist the gist
of capability.

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