friend for life

friendship | poems

reserved in public places
she holds back
what she may want to say
yet in a candid moment
the sun has broken
through the clouds
when the day becomes beautiful
and the rainy night abounds
she is beautiful
her eyes tell a story
of the love inside her heart
that but for the minstrels
keeps her mind in tune
the kindness in her gentle hug
as blind as I am leads me to
a quiet peace a reverence
common cast when day is past
that raises my soul to heal at last
to all the absurd ambiguity strife
my sweet friend for life
with liberty a sacred trust
an anchor kindred spirit fair
and just
every bit as lovely as a doe in the wood
understanding nobly all is understood
may she always feel as free and as good as tears may cry
as an ever changing sunset
in a most promising sky.

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