in wake of ocean depth blue sky

in wake of ocean depth blue sky
upon water cry tears of rain from heaven
the benevolent good stood to understand an understated favor fated by the greater sweeping of His hand-elated beaming moon lit night stars bright kiss the dark, invite the dawn to come along in swirling storm a surly sea born the fathoms sanctity-the sun subdued a grayest hue replaces you but black and cloudy doubtful day recede to grieve the bay, it seem time lost in rhyme stir the spray-undercurrents play overtures the pounding surf suck the surface of turf hurl a world away, seagull dive to stay alive finding fish that way, fly distant reaches geese go in a row to warmer beaches-above the horizon shining in moon glow shimmer golden
glimmer snow in winter.

when night is never commonly

when night is never commonly
trees swoon southernly
canst rekindle comfortably
desire in monotony

fill will transparent
fall into Atlantic
fasten the romantic
eyes meet moon melodic

dire feeling ill-equip
to martyr your sweet cause
the one of welts and whip
raw unrelenting grief guilty grit

imagine you and I somewhere on a ship
on holiday to take a trip
with rainbows on our lips
from ports of call to feed our souls

white winter angry
world bold as bitter brandy
ocean roll cold sandy
wind is gaunt and gangly
moon marooned at noon
until stars share his sky.

without apology

moon lofty lilting laugh
change hap the ocean bath
gratified surge relax
splurging waters lag
swim a fin to drag
salty seaweeds store
midway display the stingray play
across the sand rock floor
shellfish blacks and blues array
accept darkest depth invade
felt the colder fluid flow
air bubbles blow in undertow
deep below forgotten
hit of currents crash like serpents
wriggling great promise
let go of dreams that make it seem
fish must eat bottom greens
engines roar sputter muffled sound of beasts
little ones dangle little feet barely touching brine
laughing cooing as papa casts out a line
suddenly hit in a blitz so quick
a bass or is it a grouper?
whatever he is he sure can swim
jumps in the air like a tuna
all is fair we’ll eat him rare
get to shore or sooner
the tackle box smells of mildew
if you say I am you are
the blues are running in summer sunning under
skies as dark as denim
to protect themselves in schools of thought
lure fish into a feeding frenzy
fated on plates from fishkill ny
baked-butter sauce lemon
sprig of parsley
without apology
fish no fish
go to heaven.


unrest relentless tide attempt to tempt a tempestuous temper-tide the
ocean black thick froth a darkest dankest pitch
water wields worried wakes wearing weary wreckage
rusty musty pillion worst the thirst call upon the stars to lead you
home from deepest depths remorse resents rain upon the oblique
from mooring in the sea, steer ships by starlight moon eye bask in
swells that lift fell some languid
star struck sound winded-bid the eve a heart of night ephemeral where
visions play a gentle
moment memorable, to lose the bliss the loss of this
incredible, dashed upon rash rocks
regrettable fog a thick opaque shuts the eye
the sight of plausible-escape the rage a port of call
sail away on a mirrored sea, reflections on
silver water, smooth as glass may be.