without apology

family | fishing

moon lofty lilting laugh
change hap the ocean bath
gratified surge relax
splurging waters lag
swim a fin to drag
salty seaweeds store
midway display the stingray play
across the sand rock floor
shellfish blacks and blues array
accept darkest depth invade
felt the colder fluid flow
air bubbles blow in undertow
deep below forgotten
hit of currents crash like serpents
wriggling great promise
let go of dreams that make it seem
fish must eat bottom greens
engines roar sputter muffled sound of beasts
little ones dangle little feet barely touching brine
laughing cooing as papa casts out a line
suddenly hit in a blitz so quick
a bass or is it a grouper?
whatever he is he sure can swim
jumps in the air like a tuna
all is fair we’ll eat him rare
get to shore or sooner
the tackle box smells of mildew
if you say I am you are
the blues are running in summer sunning under
skies as dark as denim
to protect themselves in schools of thought
lure fish into a feeding frenzy
fated on plates from fishkill ny
baked-butter sauce lemon
sprig of parsley
without apology
fish no fish
go to heaven.

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