candy wrapper super hero

family | friendship | poems

he’s a skid a spoof a fop on the loose
a boy a girl a flip flapper
a candy wrapper super hero
weed wacker-soda cracker
hip hop podjock an old soul an all night crasher
bean pole face-mole screen saver
introducing the semi-nudist tea totaler
film buff powder puff scene stealer
excersize dancer thighs “the eyes that paralyze”
capsize your kyak in the meanwhile yak yak yak a poet of “words words words”
and letters to his Zoe, the
sharing of their worlds, a love that keeps on growing, in knowing a
special bond a lifetime no regret
to be as close as two can get
fond skaters round the pond be
blessed in heartfelt harmony expect the best
so pardon me respect the biggest heart you see
in Zoe for all eternity.

Ben bonhomie good story
brave knight chicken Kiev
clarinet man to get
in a ruse never rude
in a very mellow mood
playing prude
in the nude
says his prayers
thinking of you
grateful for his time on earth
serious to feel his worth
grateful for a life to lead
to help the ones in need
his grasp far outweighs his reach
two young fellows on a beach
taking pictures where they hope to meet
in the give and take of irony.

tall dark handsome
dark horse horoscope Scorpio
boots like John and Ringo
wear your red leather jacket
walk like a flamingo
come partay
how much is that doggie in the window?
all is fair in love with Claire.

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