a peaceful dove


impressed by your candor
reduce the grand glamor
dirt road hold your own manor
that open door step forward toward
the harsh hard life before past sworn
an ernest yearn to earn your grin
the favor won to win
all the ones there to share
the time the wine the care
why are we so stoic?
I know not what I was to let you go
to save you from myself I guess
you know
there hollow in the wallow
of sorrows known
to follow a borrowed tomorrow
as if it were alone
burn the wick that wrote the writ
that swam with you in the harbor
wake come of age in an arbor
shake off the rage of a martyr
turn the next page of your partner
sigh as a night sky cries
to carry the innocent dark
to save the moon
too soon to part like a peaceful dove
who flew away with my heart.

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