find the long way home


the moon
mythical mineral
mesmerized miracle
method actor speaks
her social sojourn
bask in the lime light
bisque in a kiln
knotted as a kilm
she kills the monster
in daring attempt
to free the need from times she’s wept
the churlish messenger
known as something peaceful
i bite the hand that frees her
bent on breath to seize
a borrowed moment will not appease her
with so much more to say that isn’t meant
allow the tide that swept with tired wings
sent like arrows the courage stings
yet glad to have met you with no regret
for you have tried so many ways before you left
and I a little bit more than all my mess would bore
let me thank you for the holidays when met you at my door
you let me go to let me know
what gracious lives are living for
line scrawled in the sand
find the long way home.

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