Enders of the east

hibiscus sweet sugary dark bark
no worry tender twig upon the heart
dug deep into mineral floor the flora
decades steep in soil root mute curl coil
in a land as loyal enders of the east
receive the royal Golden Pear and Goldberg bagel feast
all the spoils are anointed
by the romantic Atlantic
castaway long summer sway trees warm wind skim shore
pack trunk dump junk
leave the bible in the drawer
fold clothes from the dryer
hot as if they were on fire
by the Sound and telephone wire
we are all famous in the Hamptons
liable to listen to Lionel train his quartet
in a most blue moody moon-set
dance to the stereo
strangers well meant amusement
soon the snow and ice will trickle the pipes sacrifice
summer ’18 fill a memory
augment autumn upon us author autonomy
search the birch for parchment
as we did in Larchmont
leave every leaf in place
beguiled thoughts to file
rile denial look my way your smile christen day
wild child please don’t turn away
fate is late thank God for time
that has us pray for yours and mine.

in cool morning

in cool morning
heaven spills rainwater
from their loving cups
dousing flames disrupt
shoring up from shore the more
the roar erupt

the sun weighing tons
like a ship having sunk
cannot find his place in the sky
evil eye penetrate the rhyme of God
as though there isn’t time
to do with what is want

a symphony of sighs
clarify strides
with wisdom wise
attach the tale to butterflies
have so much charisma
in cherished leaves loden green
turn dry to die in winter

receive the gifts many miss
better bliss a bounty at your table
a welcomed hug
the sun-kissed wish
that fits in with the fable

if a grumble when you stumble
a grimace wanting has you humble
seems most sacrificial
to be practical
the experience thoughtlessly startling

harbor an hour scent of a flower
rose the blossom of brilliance
chose to make a difference
in your powerful existence

however long the distant bloom
through rainy night or chilly noon
thinking of you
palest moon
so soon mid-summer.

ships driftwood slats

ships driftwood slats timber to joyce
voice of the sea lap salty white capped milk
a seaman heart a captain’s never ending stein
aboard the wide planked boards of pine
in the mist adrift in brine

chanty town oars curl skimmer
chunks of ice sacrifice winter
on shore bury fish bones

in summer succulents grow aloe vera fertile soil-
of late dissipate
the royal sun is not as great
the heart has been undone
a chill has come

blown breezes reaches beaches clamor
spirits in overcast sky awed by the glamour
slinky stars flirt with mellow fellow moon
when the good sun goes to sweet sleep
with peace and love a hug from above
where the world is a pearl of shimmer and light.

end of summer

crickets converge echoing
an ecological convention
as if an intervention
click through grass and weed
a brassy sounding tempo
another night to tempt
rose over the compartment
in a racket
discreetly crackle
thighs rub looking for grub
ingesting flys bugs
nightly mayhem
to send a message
little insects interject their interest
under the plunder of
moon filled wonder
at the end of summer.

resist the gist

slip into a ripple of sea too bright to sink unseen
with everything we haven’t been you’re everything to me
in some ways greener than the trees in summer sage
in summer wind to trace the ace of queens
a child again pretend do we create
her majestic countryside these United States
still what will of daffodil fulfilled with no mistakes
catch a cold on beaches squall call for water breaks
as the foam blends the bones for fishes washed ashore
flowering grasses growing tall hiding in the rough
a child playful as a pup
her organdy garment soaked above the knee
tiny hearts sewn on her bonnet
where there are skies in eyes so blue to untie the moon and let the
sun be done for a day or two in the backdrop of a set the picturesque
recessed upset of
a light too bright for night-
expect the blessings of the early morning dawn
your heart is strong the angels caught in the mid heaven
sing to return the song they stole drunk on the beauty
of Venus and weary they lay down their arms for peace
for every living being in the universe, listening to their
every heartbeat as they are written
smitten with the love of the elements
gathering stones to honor the present
bring the essential tide to cool
foolish cruelty in the name
of responsibility-as I am but a
hypocrite to resist the gist
of capability.

a mind in kind

and the angel said
we work together here in heaven
receive a reprieve redeem in reverence envelope the meridian,
rhythm resound regard
cyclical symmetrical symbols
send seekers to your cavernous unabridged gap to live and let live, as
wind falls short of breath caught like a hawk swift upon prey-day will
dawn come peach and plum that boast the horn of plenty
salt of the earth ocean waves
save untimely minutes many
lucky go merry as lite as a faerie,
reduce the juice plump and heavy,
hold love in the palm of your hand,
greet loved ones like waves upon
the sand, ever humbled by the beauty of ocean breezes, summer days to
feel this way a heart so warm beckons
the sun to shine for thou and thine in a most sunburnt season-
to fathom faraway come what may
a mind in kind may reason.