too tired

too tired along the rainbow bridge
fell temples in the place of figs
stir a word conjure joy
miracle by end of day
dispel the myth that serve to pray
as ever was a realized man
to bring us to the promise land
in fire fury take my hand
in wonderment for you little lamb
pursue your guru drive a subaru
coax a camel out of pocket
professional curtesy symbolic
don’t turn away i need your expertise
examine the mind for a fee
defy deny derive conclusions
metabolic intrusions
my kingdom for an answer
to my prayers
help me help myself
this is my despair
so help me God.

arise sun star

surreal appeal arise sun star
airwave rave cloud shade
intuitive sky blink brink of pi
primitive pyramid invite sycophantic reply sky cry
dark dank ship in night sink sank heart trouble flip flaunt
fall over ice hot burn bitter
smart lark fly away snow in winter
odd duck scold geese cold feet
pray for Spring blue loon
return idiosyncratic moon
high tide yearn seethe churn
rancor rip anchor rope burn
wave invade bow slope stern
breadth length of Long Island
erode dissolve sand clamor clam
dig herself a hole ocean floor
she knows not how to ask for more.

tin stars distract

tin stars distract
lite the dirt the beam compact

lovers woo
envelop lovers woe
thoughts you knew you may not know

swim sea undertow
deepest waters crash
soaring seagull cry

loneliness will tell you why
you haven’t got a friend nearby
to care until the end of time
a virtual ascend

happy fellow warm mellow
moon low world cold
in that old familiar way

salmon spawn against tide
blue fish run away
fishing fleet fish for meat
sell it by the bay

Fall skip into Winter
fell on Ice/slip no grip
darkness whisper whimper

so cherished is your sleep
you haven’t heard a word I speak
nocturnal wish surreal
murmur in realm of dreams.