i guess

clamor to the glamor of the dawn
listen to the bluebirds song
continue on
may God bless
where nothing’s wrong

i guess
rest is best
to quell the fallen fell
as fellows tell
chime in the bell will ring
a melodic hypnotic spell
that only time will tell
that give and take
the dwelling of mistake
identity of late for greater sake

forsaken shaken sky
thunder in the wonder of an eye
plunder the summer of joy
fall careen with color seen
by all the fear we mutter more

winter shutter cloudy rowdy days
in waves rough and cold and gray
make room for holiday
nestled in content
i love you more than i have wept
and catch the dream i’ve kept.

gravitate a humble life

gravitate a humble life
light the moonbeams in the night
swear the angels get it right
rascals seem so erudite

counter boundless energy
Shake needles off pine
drink until deplete of wine
the grace of grapes la fete upon the vine

you in your state of mind
cannot relate to mine
inherent to be kind so much to bear
impose the time to find me there

gentle gracious angels in the city
summers take a tunnel to the sea
everywhere is farmland green and pretty
fruit stands line the streets a local litany

back home quiet transcends the traffic
that forced it’s way into my psyche
homespun into the fabric
a lonely stone bridge the road
to paths well known

incredible wisdoms derived from laughter
see them then as the hereafter
looking grave a mortal slave begs The Lord
to save my loved ones as myself from harm

a life well spent takes so much good to vent
around the world my heart is holding on
to sing about the days ahead
to mourn the loved ones that are gone

there’s purpose in service to a dream
build fulfill not fall in between
cheer the deer as no one ever may
reach for a star come up with another day

life is at it’s best when filled with rest
the rest will somehow happen so it seems
direct your attention to the heart of dreams
a night of stars humble the request
receive a village hidden in the trees.

in a stream

bold exalted moon
light strewn earth autumn bloom
mid circle the loon
shake the very fiber of being

lake dire strait in evening
looking for mate
in the act conceiving
morning soon

sway into day a time for living
watch for hawk as others stalk
the sound of squawk fill air with feeling

in chill grass whip in wind
hide in murky waters take it on the skim
float exposed glint of sun in eyes
duck for minnow many tries
wet roll off backs dry

on embankment brown oak/red maple leaves
soak rebellious rain to bleed
end of drought that dried up all the green

the earth sleep in streams
quench thirst
reclaim consciousness
deep within a dream.

close the eyes of sleep

silent rain
calm a quiet blinding ache
that settles on the earthy plain
bought the cost that came
the right of every turn
intuitive memory
the enemy misunderstood
the countless rescue
deny the rash of thoughtlessness
has you down and out again
to pen a mosaic moray
in a way offering serenity
honor with dignity
the fruits of the orchard
the harvest here upon us
baked apple pies will warm us
angel cakes with sugared crust
when summer days adored as much
yet now for autumn calls us
breaking bread will cure us
give thanks to God and more
the answer is the core
the center of it all
where nights are like a door
to close the eyes of sleep
and catch the tears that weep
to sweep the hands of time
for something deep
in the middle of a most enchanted dream
I give you hugs and kisses
with love and many wishes
as there are fishes in the ocean
and as many boats
to float in the lap of caps
harbor great hope
the sky holds a million stars
to shine across this world of ours.