Enders of the east

hibiscus sweet sugary dark bark
no worry tender twig upon the heart
dug deep into mineral floor the flora
decades steep in soil root mute curl coil
in a land as loyal enders of the east
receive the royal Golden Pear and Goldberg bagel feast
all the spoils are anointed
by the romantic Atlantic
castaway long summer sway trees warm wind skim shore
pack trunk dump junk
leave the bible in the drawer
fold clothes from the dryer
hot as if they were on fire
by the Sound and telephone wire
we are all famous in the Hamptons
liable to listen to Lionel train his quartet
in a most blue moody moon-set
dance to the stereo
strangers well meant amusement
soon the snow and ice will trickle the pipes sacrifice
summer ’18 fill a memory
augment autumn upon us author autonomy
search the birch for parchment
as we did in Larchmont
leave every leaf in place
beguiled thoughts to file
rile denial look my way your smile christen day
wild child please don’t turn away
fate is late thank God for time
that has us pray for yours and mine.

for you

for you
sage fume
cloudy mist tint blue
green stem stalk past
the pasture where we laughed
smiling sun upon purple plum
the blossom of her care
she sympathize the eyes of cries
regarding butterflies
delicate creatures perfect features
pond meadow rainbow 🌈 rose the row of colored crows in Autumn leaves that glow
then to leaf through books
that bind the mind back through time line for line
winter cometh the spruce and pine embark the heart ♥️ of rhyme.


innocence may a sin
spring carol in the wind
blessed the heart may sing
give us this yearling linger
hearts and flowers bring
yearning nor the nought
Angel wing
upon the Heath reason wreck
the churlish golden ring
support the beam
of moon and dream
tiring refrain
to end the war before the thaw
come winter once again.

heart of sea – for Deepthi

star above earth below stormy night heart of sea
beauty bound tremor found as she

embark green stem
leaves surrender september

barren tree lay bare
in the unseen twilight

the moon unassume
move an ocean wave
half full-cool looming
in time to bind

crystal clear ocean air
random mellow fair
harbor hail
boat of mast and sail
along frail coastal freedom

light the day perfect in a rose
enable those rare memories
in everything you choose
revel in the heart and mind

fresh flowers cut from the garden
a loved one deep as grace embrace
feel the love receive gently
call twilight never break

starlight comfort you
wind hug you tenderly
take away your fear
the sunset in the west
moon ascend.

write down the prose

write down the prose
in sweet repose
try to sleep
I count on you sheepishly

ensconced in deepest grief
I know not why
that I should cry
the colors dance on walls

red green purple blue
vivid retreat and overalls
the view won’t let me close my eyes
there’s no one I must compromise

no plunge off peers
I talk to my heart with sympathy
buy myself some Tiffany
read a chapter capture laughter

eat a dish of something rich
the night is still
salvage tears
get on scale-
more tears

a lone girl wolfs down her meat
she is discreet wants to be alone
explore the stainless refrigerator
steal immoral morsels of food
no one looking she can’t be rude

cover from head to toe with lotion
dry as sandpaper-parched as parchment
what ever became of the little girl from Larchmont? we moved to Greenwich-

I remember the gold inlay on the rectangular marble table-the knotted wool karistan the Stuebin
on the break front-dad winding the Tiffany clock-mom painting on the round kitchen table-

then at 5 o’clock mom sautéing one of her famous concoctions while dad poured himself 2 fingers-

I was able to have an open mind-I was capable
sleepy time tea occasionally camomile
milk and honey on the other side of the fridge
yogurt berries banana granola
wait till they go then have your cola

relationships-tell new friends I’d like to get to know ya-
adapt to others with ebb and flow
don’t cry in front of a guy
hold on to yourself till he leaves and then fall apart

he didn’t want your heart just a field day with
your body
so much sadness no party

East Hampton winters a comfort
living humble in my Ponderosa
organic French roast coffee 2% milk
updated phenomenal kitchen in 2 weeks
2 happy 2 be sad.

gratitude for all you do

gratitude for all you do
to care for the meek and mild
to walk that extra mile
upbeat with a smile

all the while missing
the ones that always listen
everything good

you came into this world
brave little trooper that you would

let go the disappointment
you are as clear as rain
in syncopated rhythm

the stream of the unconscious
run in thought constrain
unlike fancy fame

speak as plain as whispers in the rain

it is all a rage
a tumbled stone
inside the heart

the sea surge
the moon hurled
across water and sky

wind descend
trees bend
earth a rock
time a clock

night a day
black and white
shades of gray
return soon
if only minutes may.

a peaceful wish

a peaceful wish
amend the sorrowful heart

may your birth
be a source of wonder

find love in everything kind
as thoughts catch in tears

the moon light the night
to hug the earth

in beauty of your life
forgiveness sends the world
to revolve around the cycle

to bless the tame and the wild
in miles and miles of valleys mountains
breeze blowing trees grassy pastures

long rocky winding rivers frozen pacified
white Ice solid marbled
tree limbs caught in fog steaming cold content

highway running dart through black hills silhouette
the wind shifts over the wet countryside upset
forget regret the worldly cause refuse

return relent renew
know love as you knew

love you more with every dawn
the love is you.

a cause in care

a cause in care
the means to mention all it means
break for sake of convention
turn the word to elevate
a sacred song yet holy hymn
for melody the tears
sky an integral given
in the dusk of willing
sheer cloud fizzle in rain
capture a heart again
to know someone so long
to know I do not
blame her anymore
the sweetness lilt
in a voice that promises me no guilt
to ebb the raging of the sea
come over me
like sunlight after a storm
as gratefully
as you have set me free
so I
will turn the other I
and let you be
as wary as that sounds
to see that smiling face
would herald all the promise
to mend a heart with grace
and all the while knowing
with love put into place
a trusted bond unbroken
will not be worn to waste.

bare branches

design regard with resolve
ubiquitous solicitous narcissism
in the heart of rhythm
a mannerism
commit decision
darkness covers exhibition
suffer intangibles harsh conditions
rigid mind encounters religion
anti-up inhibition
please please yourself
sing songs to sooth
teach me all you know
research your soul
clip wings in a folder
we are one year older
my handsome winsome soldier
love you need you know you
thank you for your time of day
leaves settle down from skies of gray
flowers gone soon
worship the bloom
until the leaves fall to the ground in autumn
forsaking bare branches.

branches bending low

overwhelmed by spells
quell a realm bring rings as worn
by trees in the center
where the heart sleeps

waiting for an answer in fall
often watching the moon
I think of you

celebrations run the year
we try to hear the underlying
undying word of love as clear
as a fantasy forgives forever

cool and crisp windy ground
whip and chill the dirt to flirt
leafy crinkled crunch snap
branches bending low
half asleep we wait for snow.