my mother 5-21-18

my mother like no other suffers her suffrage
in rage the storm ignite her form
a peddle pusher drawn
warm as a stem
where flowers grow as firm a fern may bend
her art is everything kind
the beauty is in her beautiful mind
that translate to the page
it feels so good when we’re on the same page

the night is blessed she sleep to rest
her bones
in spritely dress she does her best
a nap she cover with a throw
to paint what ain’t now known
the rain may ache her toe
so many paintings she really should show

standing still she take her pill
she love those pickles garlic dill
roasted peppers anchovies she eat her fill

Raymond makes her laugh
takes a shower every morning
just like june she’s snoring
steps on the scale afraid she’s getting fat
to find a book that isn’t boring
the buildings maybe black
color them shiny or mat

there for everyone she loves
she loves everyone
accessible sensible benefactor
takes a moment to ask a question?
who am i now that Harold is gone?
68 years listening to him sing off key
he was her best friend

mom i can’t live without you
you are my sunshine and my rain
you are joy and Palmolive
you are ivory liquid-
the tide rushes into cleanliness
you take away my emptiness
mostly by stuffing me with yummy food.

poor little fishes

poor little fishes in the sea
what become of you
what become of me

in my heart
life start
startled by the crashing wave

we remain
today is near
i love you dearly

in obedience i may cherish
she’s the only one just her
civil disobedience never cross her
with grimace and censor

calm midnight blue
sigh the night away
paint is a great cooperating

dusty pink sand in yr boot
where am i when you are mute

mutual hearts say it all
spring into summer
from a fall to winters frozen frail
winter babies all
i love you most of all.

decide the time

—to The Lord

decide the time to live in reason the rhyme may hide the inquisition can’t move but tears that swoon a moon glistens and i a lonely shell called home reduce to tears yr ancient thrown and curses of all time be past let go the hate an inner faith a second date a second glance a second chance-with dire debt receive the love you seek has left and right the world in spin and whirl there is a task that mask our youth the losing game of hurt and pain may curse the way you seem denied to live and love like any guy i promise you we’ll never stray and pray for you on holiday-please accept our lives at best the world is yours when with blessings won? please please our peace the need is great officiate before too late believe in us as we believe in you a theory of the golden rule and if by chance the cold may sting as bees to the honey the plays the thing so recess retire we care we tire we cry the tears you will not fear for it would be as it once was before the time was born beside still waters sons and daughters hear a prayer for you to care once more let there be a renaissance let there be life, come join us and bring your wife.

the love

the love is in the character
sparkling water
sheepish sheer pleasure
live forever
in the heart and mind
every gesture
sung slow sweet
the hillside hours brave
lonesome gorgeous maven
find you in your haven
held to form
a child is born
the burly brilliant storm
two thousand years yield morn
in fields of yellow corn
as after all the blossom bring the thorn
recede the flaky leaf from frigid frost
the bible speak to all of them
redeem the mighty worst
exceed the current curse
that list from side to side
walk once more on water
through the countryside
God bless to be alive
may dignity survive
lit candles to the cold black sky
I miss you more than I can say
rain a painters gray
loved you since the day we met
walking by the bay and yet
with words you speak
we seek the moon and stars
in a better light
goodnight angel
God bless you sweet friend
day is at an end
tomorrow my regard for you
a masterpiece of whites & blues
an anthem in the morning dew
the past is past the future cast
the doubt of night be but a dream
without a loss I have not seen
the war is won forever
in a place where the heart lives
the golden wake of sleep
the rise and fall of the season
ever changing
find you
pristine water
to sooth these dry eyes.

the foreign moon

the foreign moon
I beg your pardon some pale night
seeing her again in a new light
makes heartache mend
words we send
getting a grip the script transcends
I am one to quip a card
a joker takes it hard
a smoker barred
to know her barely heard
water springs forth spring in springs
the rebirth of all things brings
naturally aged with time
yesterday’s grapes tomorrow’s wine
little kisses sweet and kind
deeply missed last goodbyes
early summer cries I love you so
so few chances to tell her so
for liberty her heart would
gain to rise above the pain
to call out her name in the
pouring rain
as she rides over rough terrain
angel morning dove
I will think of you
your gentle hug
with love


seasonal clock
jet black rock
liberty rile the heart
fabric static spark
the past we slowly dig
resonate to know of Spring
landscape disappear into the clouds
uncovering cows
new mood strewn over streams
kindly sigh relief
daylight craving time
has a lot to say my melancholy pine
streak across the sky Greek God
in your silver ship mirrored
get a grip thought the daughter
the world thaw to water
drown sorrows solemn
sorry sentiments shy maudlin
secret dream rely fantasy
the milk of sweet humanity
queen of sanity
sense reality
contend the meaning
love is healing an original feeling
in the late night of the evening.

when love follow

when love follow
sweet-water tears tremble
a temple spire
spark wire where barn swallow swoop
glide billowy air onto hallowed roof

lick the wound of winter burn
turn in the wind
discern a truth
too cold to murmur

sweep seas
seize pleas
foam wave yearn
gravity awaken

moon stillness
ocean break sandy silt mothers milk renew
fish pass briny school of scrod and blue

can’t count the ways
you’ve cast away the line terribly taut
with better things to do than fish for thought

inside a bitter bark
for you are true
and well and smart
find your way
in silver gray and darkest heart

rumor take the schooner catching tuna
drink from tides that flow
countless milestone

skip across river so
beckon you the blessing
my gentle joy in peace thou go
and I am left confessing.

everybody detaches

everybody detaches
groundwater poison
by the root of misgiving
deplorable adorable children

nights unwilling
want a memory
evenings tentative upset

blend toxic oils
heart function spoils
my world toils to bring me back

night to forget what can’t be remembered
split the cream from milk of letters

redeem serene pleasure
conceal fire in embers
rewrite night tempers
love forever

sense senseless sentiment
censor development ever wrecked the betterment
trust and settlement

you came along as if I were on the phone and
called it in
lost the planet to the war of enchantment

hurt the one you love
a soul romantic
looking for a rose enamored
candid valiant valentine

hover reduce speed
space ships in my hair
comb lobe brush cortex
adverse verb bite to curb the night

in words take flight fidget with gadget grumble
número uno undone undo
in unison two part harmony

a shirk-less shrink
in powder blue
invisible ink coming through

the boy in you so cool I love that cat
a brat as I am batty
some would say to my face think that I’m a fatty

I am nothing but a slave to my environment
count the days I may honor it
count the ways to ponder it
fonder of phrase I fondle it

cradle the wonder
as I wander incapable
in fable tolerating it
hit rock bottom the other day when Dr. told me
I might have 5 years?

it’s only tears

it’s only tears
that make me wish to word so well
the well is deep
temper quell ripped defeat
as laughs are nothing cheap

I look at him
he takes my arm
as if he stroked my cheek from harm
the many months aloof
hadn’t seen him in many a year
wearing tailored suits

and never wore him boots
but custom made shoes
that hid the kid so lovingly
gallant dad uncouth

but for his truth
though thin today still boldly gray
without a word to say
he needs us me and you so much

dinner breakfast lunch
retired to humility
the seamless life of liberty subdued

a thoughtless boisterous melody for all of us to sense
in him vacant memory
that turns attention to the sun a window on the world to catch some warmth
familiar on his pudum

eyes that match the sky
endure the pouring of the rain ignore the bitterness of pain explore a little child’s game

he served out his usefulness
carried his family on his back
never lacking support the needed strain
under the gun of a material
sun summed up his world with
tears that came that I wasn’t his son to fly the flag unfurled
for he is just a man of trust and I his little girl.

the dappled rosebud path

pursue the dappled rosebud path
the shady pond of barren bird
tell me nothing but your sweet word

that it’s not over
stroll in clover
the nights are colder
not curse the candor
we built in splendor
in timeless hours of the ardor

grabbing hold of decadence only absence wreck
continuum-faster leaving anyone for freedom is the medium

your cheekbones
chiseled as a David
remembered the creamy complexion your gaunt cheeks
faint blush in morning mist
I miss the hearty hug
the baby’s breath kiss

devout pout that laughs out loud upon a pretty face as this
the road is long I long for
God to help me find my way

back to
the dappled rosebud path
where first love felt of Spring.