when love follow


when love follow
sweet-water tears tremble
a temple spire
spark wire where barn swallow swoop
glide billowy air onto hallowed roof

lick the wound of winter burn
turn in the wind
discern a truth
too cold to murmur

sweep seas
seize pleas
foam wave yearn
gravity awaken

moon stillness
ocean break sandy silt mothers milk renew
fish pass briny school of scrod and blue

can’t count the ways
you’ve cast away the line terribly taut
with better things to do than fish for thought

inside a bitter bark
for you are true
and well and smart
find your way
in silver gray and darkest heart

rumor take the schooner catching tuna
drink from tides that flow
countless milestone

skip across river so
beckon you the blessing
my gentle joy in peace thou go
and I am left confessing.

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