my friend

friendship | poems

my friend
tide crash
fish swim under the sea
moon send wave pound
as the heart feels free

great the time it takes to know someone well
I hesitate every pause
to give you room
shine brilliant moon
under stars will mend
hearts so close blend
feel a new beginning
willing in evening chill
exercise a right of will
turn to you still
as Christ baptized by John
how we carry on the burden
under a forgiving sun
the tiresome weight
undo fate
angel in a state
borderline across the great divide
I sense your thoughtful hand in mine
I love you you are kind
heartfelt in deed
the chores must get done
in sleet and snow and sun
in wind that blow about
the woman moved to yawn
met by the dawn
slept the night till
early morn
time map the quiet of day
as a moon in tune with night
a disk shine benevolently bright
that she may find her way.

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