everybody detaches

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everybody detaches
groundwater poison
by the root of misgiving
deplorable adorable children

nights unwilling
want a memory
evenings tentative upset

blend toxic oils
heart function spoils
my world toils to bring me back

night to forget what can’t be remembered
split the cream from milk of letters

redeem serene pleasure
conceal fire in embers
rewrite night tempers
love forever

sense senseless sentiment
censor development ever wrecked the betterment
trust and settlement

you came along as if I were on the phone and
called it in
lost the planet to the war of enchantment

hurt the one you love
a soul romantic
looking for a rose enamored
candid valiant valentine

hover reduce speed
space ships in my hair
comb lobe brush cortex
adverse verb bite to curb the night

in words take flight fidget with gadget grumble
nĂºmero uno undone undo
in unison two part harmony

a shirk-less shrink
in powder blue
invisible ink coming through

the boy in you so cool I love that cat
a brat as I am batty
some would say to my face think that I’m a fatty

I am nothing but a slave to my environment
count the days I may honor it
count the ways to ponder it
fonder of phrase I fondle it

cradle the wonder
as I wander incapable
in fable tolerating it
hit rock bottom the other day when Dr. told me
I might have 5 years?

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