quiet allude rude

quiet allude rude.

quiet allude rude blue moon
bold cold loom cool
chutes bruise by sting of wind trespass bird wing
unrest stress chill scream shrill against the pane
bane existence bare frozen rain
felt the pain careless stain the day
fall rise blades of ice chastise the night implied warm winter lied

in wait the field storm
warn of nature bitter breezes raw
fight unfaithful bliss tremble torn
winter throw a punch star shine dim
forest cringe pine rigid bark frigid limb

slip shock snow hard bombard seaward suffer seagulls
tomorrow they’ll be skating on the pond in village fond
bundle up stumble tundra witness from your window

wishes well inclement weather
woodland creatures scatter look for hollows
find tree cuddle their babies as humans do
the homeless go unnoticed-
colder than a dare no one care

warm in our beds work
we seek out lovers
attraction distraction reaction
to the magic of the moment work play rest blessed
God’s message help others
but first we help ourselves.