moon through trees silk screen

moon through tree silk screen
cheer up soiled grass thinking
pine green envious
drink in moon beam qualm
the slow packed pace back to farm
brings your travels jogging
notice leaves bounce in the
fluctuating lit branch
off objective reflective other worldly
spirits marooned in the night swoon
secret sugary tart cooled by evening
coat palates nocturnal in tandem
brittle candied ribbon overlap the saucer
meandering fireflies head for the top of the trees
to parade pomp romp with so many bees
that bring about attention to the deficit of day
passed the sun that set his mind or may
regard the moon forever in his way
scene stealing cache
the moon bent on the bay
worried as a line in the sky
of stars that don’t ask why
they only come out at night
it is an offering a gift sought
the sun zealous break into a grin to bring
the moon too emotional to be alone bright cool translucent intrinsic
crystal blown
stars love our world unconditionally
they light up the night sky transfixed
a compass for the purpose
God may find us
to heal every living being
so help us God
all knowing all seeking
His love in sweet regard.

as the rain

moon mellow yellow
Arch angel halo
hallow earth circle below
after twilight dawns glow
in rites to save the day
spirits sprites covet calm
ever quiet clever quite
a revolution of light
dance before a silent sun

most modest mottled moth
marry the dragon fly
a haughty lofty assault
peppered by restraint

sprinkle softly your Summer salt
sun pale clouds faint
as the rain tears sweet lament
for every bless-ed saint
and every violet.

light of day

stars like silver foil kisses
served on Little Dipper dishes
the man in the moon croons a tune
of song about his only sun
to rise and set in clarity
the wisdom in his charity
fire burns brilliantly his golden mastery
resilient flame he dance before the Earth
heat is neat in skies the limitless blue
clouds sheer as shimmering shawls come near
to beckon the beautiful center of the universe
God’s gift throughout the heavens
the angels tumble and roll
cajoled by the laughter of levity
mild in the month of May
behold the light of day!


morning sun evening moon
majestic ocean come what may
in east end towns by the bay
the moon is full
to color the day
in pinks and grays
green gold inlays
the 8th fold path
moon bath
creatures turn a snowy white
in the light of a star filled sky
felt the petal and the leaf
under cover of belief
in the forest where the air would weep
the grass too tall to worry
the short end of the greener stem
exude young shoots a mauve in rows curved curly
in morning the moon descends to dream
in evening the stars wrapped in silver
of merriment mirrored
sparkling suspended animals in
cobalt sky
for everyone
a hug from God
for a tender goodnight.

a hope to heal

is illness but cold dark abandoned shed of tear? to think about you
dear so far from home and feelings of a castaway lost to throw stones
across the bay, to hit the mark as stake a claim, wellness the
priceless pit of peach
amid the center-reach, cling to the fruit to feast.
when moon is full
on some romantic beach, moon pull ocean the sandy stretch, a pageantry
of starlight where dreams are met,
seek sea birds in flight
dart like targets in the night of lofty flutter a shutter of
focus that zooms in on the horizon-fits of fog dissolve before another
sun, a hope to heal the moan of mourn unearth the morning dazzling