nature | philosophy | poems

unrest relentless tide attempt to tempt a tempestuous temper-tide the
ocean black thick froth a darkest dankest pitch
water wields worried wakes wearing weary wreckage
rusty musty pillion worst the thirst call upon the stars to lead you
home from deepest depths remorse resents rain upon the oblique
from mooring in the sea, steer ships by starlight moon eye bask in
swells that lift fell some languid
star struck sound winded-bid the eve a heart of night ephemeral where
visions play a gentle
moment memorable, to lose the bliss the loss of this
incredible, dashed upon rash rocks
regrettable fog a thick opaque shuts the eye
the sight of plausible-escape the rage a port of call
sail away on a mirrored sea, reflections on
silver water, smooth as glass may be.

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