tundra firm undaunted

nature | philosophy

tundra firm undaunted
sacred soil anointed
harmonious roses nap
in lap of twig and dirt entrapped

slapping wind-rough winter
bitter cold mutter brittle bones
the timber of your voice cracks splinters
ageless foliage struck in wonder wither

freeze the breeze frozen weed
steamy frost sent centigrade
lanterns line the lane glow Ice on window panes
perfect tears of Heaven came

water down the plain insistent rain
a random kiss a borrowed bliss we will remain

a wanted wish to get the gist in longing years
resist a grit of earthly ground
I wish you safe and sound

censor relevant fantasy
temper in December upset sanity
defy the cry of innocence
in the imbalance of your chemistry
set fire brilliant destiny

ignite night lethargy
glimpse the moon in memory
speak to me tenderly.

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