bless by will

friendship | poems

bless by will
harmony instill
explore the ponder
of a fonder fill

water pour
drops encourage goblets
the size of faucets
replenish thirst

all is worship
worried dignified gauntlet overflow
look gaunt high cheek-boned glow
positively magnificent

when you speak
take a chance
take me to your Paris France

where we may skip and prance
princesses in our own tuxedo pants
embrace a fine romance
in a finest dine and dance

walk with me on the Champs de Élysées
catch a cold speaking Portuguese
some day

travel Italy please
we’ll sit at Trevi Fountain eating bread and cheese
walk through Vatican City
cobblestone streets old pretty

Ferrari fiat Maserati
pizza pie home made genoa salami
pasta drizzled with fresh extra extra virgin olive oil

roasted garlic cloves manicotti ricotta
marinara & spaghetti al dente linguini boil
mussels in white wine/butter sauce will do
fresh baked sesame bread/Tuscan vino white & red

eating our hearts out in Europe
we must travel to be sure of
to live like queens they will serve us more of

take a dip in the sea when the surf’s up
on a sail boat we will manga till sun down
as fireworks streak across our bow
and the milk is creamy straight from the cow.

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