an olive branch

family | philosophy | poems

a greater distance to the sun from earth
paint underneath my fingernails the work to file
deny my mother and her first born child
deep chill my heartbeat still on trial
older than a tree root rots
misgivings tied to have me nots
assert the failures of composure angry hot
middle of day the right to have their say
no matter what
a break in the weather a mix of sun and rain
our tears forbidden words bring angst a cruelest pain
a flux corrode like rust repeat the same refrain
you cannot trust the ones you love so much
with loneliness to claim no loyalty no gain
as a moon will wane I think we go insane
for what is love but someone else to blame
let light shine in eyes that look deep blue
as wide as an ocean she will rescue you
she is my mother bearing flowers
she is the ear that listens for hours
she cries the tears when she feels powerless
she is my dear she is my love an angel the sign of the dove
offering an olive branch
on the other end of the phone telling me she loves me
while eating olives.

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